The Art of Sector Sculpting

Mike Wolfe thumbnail Mike Wolfe November 13, 2014

Sector-SculptingSector sculpting. That’s a term we use at CommScope for the art of delivering precise antenna patterns that define the sectors of a wireless cell site. We sculpt sectors by supplying antennas with different types of radiation patterns, including multibeam antennas, and with remote electrical tilt (RET).

What’s the benefit? More precise delivery of sector patterns improves the signal to noise ratio (SNR), which improves network performance especially for LTE technology. The types of antennas chosen impact the amount of weight and wind load on cell towers, which are also important considerations.

Want to learn more? Come see me or another CommScope representative at LTE North America in Dallas, Texas on November 19-20 in booth 62-A. Our Kevin Linehan will be talking about sector sculpting for the Antenna Focus Day there on November 18. You can also check out this video where I explain the sector sculpting concept in a little more detail.

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Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe is Vice President of Mobility Network Engineering for CommScope. Mike's previous role at CommScope was as the North American Director of Technical Sales where he was responsible for troubleshooting and solving customers’ most challenging technical problems. Mike also served as regional sales manager and has served as director of operations for IDSI, LLC, general manager for General Dynamics Satcom Technologies, Inc, product line manager for Andrew Corporation and group head for Electrospace Systems, Inc. He holds a bachelor degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University and a master degree in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University.