The Best Microwave Antenna Side Lobes Video Ever!

Jim Syme--cropped Jim Syme December 13, 2016

Full disclosure: I don’t really know if this is objectively the best video ever about microwave antenna side lobes. But I think it has to be close, and if anything, is one of the only videos about the topic. Plus, it does an awesome job in explaining 1) what microwave antenna side lobes are, and 2) why they are so important to microwave network performance. It even explains what a microwave network is if you need a primer. So, without further ado, I invite you to watch this short video and let me know if you agree it is simply magnificent. Feel free to leave any questions you want answered.

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Jim Syme--cropped

Jim Syme

Jim Syme is product line manager for CommScope’s Microwave Systems division, responsible for business development in the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions with additional global management responsibility for several major OEM customers. Jim began his 27-year career with Andrew Corporation in the microwave antenna design engineering group and is a regular participant at conferences on all matters related to microwave antenna systems. Prior to joining Andrew Corporation, Jim was a design engineer for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.