The Commitment to Network Evolution

More service providers are deploying fiber deeper into their networks. CommScope’s commitment to network evolution remains stronger than ever. Ric Johnsen explains how CommScope is better positioned today to solve more network challenges.


Network operators—large public networks or small private networks—must keep up with the growing demand for bandwidth from their users. One solution they turn to is a Passive Optical Network (PON).

PON infrastructure is an all-optical point-to-multipoint technology that provides an optical path for a central office, headend or data center to a user terminal through the use of optical fiber and splitters. The passive elements form the base architecture for:

  • Gigabit PON (GPON)
  • Next Generation PON
  • 10G Ethernet PON (EPON)
  • Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) networks / RF PON

PON differs from other fiber offerings for cable operators because it provides a migration path from DOCSIS-enabled data services to Ethernet/IP based platform. For example, RFoG or RF PON solutions support building out the PON fiber infrastructure—the optical distribution network–while continuing to use the existing headend, customer premise equipment, and back office systems used today. This facilitates a migration path to 10G EPON overlay on as needed basis to support high bandwidth consumers.

CommScope’s commitment to helping MSOs and service providers evolve their networks has never been stronger. That has been our mission for 40 years. CommScope is a global leader in fiber optics for wired and wireless networks. Since we acquiredTE Connectivity’s Broadband Network Solutions (BNS) business (telecom, enterprise and wireless) last year, we created a stronger solution platform for supporting customers around the world.

We support the MSO and service provider markets with their network evolution needs through innovative solutions and technologies, including the latest advancements in fiber optics. At our core is our robust portfolio of innovative FTTH offerings that provide fast and reliable infrastructure solutions.

Our strength is in our passive PON infrastructure solutions and that is why we came to the decision to sell our active EPON and RFoG solutions to ADTRAN. This transaction enables us to provide a greater focus on our passive PON offerings. CommScope believes fiber will be an essential building block of virtually all future bandwidth-intensive networks to serve customers. We are focused on developing new approaches for deploying fiber networks that can significantly reduce the cost of deployment.

That’s our commitment to you and the entire industry.