The Consultant That Didn’t Want Any Help

One way a global company can be truly global is by offering various tools in different languages. Today, CommScope launches an updated Tender Generation Tool that cable installers can access in our Resource page. Ricardo Diaz explains in this blog.

Online_toolsI worked for 15 years with consultants. That was a tough job, because cabling is kind of a niche market for them. They have to plan, design and manage other installations they are consulting about. All customers are entitled to challenge the vendor’s budget for any cabling installation, because at the end of the day, it’s their money. However, consultants know that the communications cabling budget is a small one compared to the power cabling, HVAC and other systems’ budgets, so they are usually open to new ideas and high-end solutions.

You can imagine that in 15 years you meet many types of people. No need to say that the vast majority of them were people with a true commitment to deliver the best possible project. Sometimes project restrictions such as time allocations push them to work long hours. Hence, it was not surprising that often they welcomed assistance from the cabling vendor on their projects. Our approach was very clear: to jointly find the best solution for the customer.

However, I remember clearly one project where a consultant rejected any collaboration. The two reasons he gave were these:

  • “I don’t want my customer to think I have any vested interest after collaborating with your company.”
  • “Moreover, all the information from you guys comes in English, and my customer speaks only Spanish.”

I have a lot of respect for those who have such solid principles and stick to them. In a previous blog, I listed the reasons for our company to become truly global, and this is one more.

Well, I couldn’t do anything about the consultant’s first statement; it is all about subjective perception. However, I am happy that recently we solved the issue in his second statement with the launch of the Spanish version of the Tender Generation Tool. We call it “Generador de Pliegos.”

Just like its English equivalent, it provides consultants with comprehensive specifications to design and prescribe a structured cabling system. Consultants no longer have to skim many different documents just to copy and paste pieces of specifications and verbiage.

To help with our consultant’s reservations mentioned above about showing favoritism, the user is provided with the option to leave out the CommScope part numbers. For those who want the maximum detail and cabling installed in their project, this tool provides consultants the information they require for deploying high-quality cabling infrastructure

A one-stop solution for cabling consultants and it’s available in two languages.