The Data Center Dilemma- Building For Efficiency and An Unknown Future

William-Oconnell2 William O'Connell September 26, 2013

Data Center DilemmaThe internet has changed everything. Connectivity and faster data speeds have created an addiction to internet protocol (IP)where society has reached a point that being able to share images, updates and video is a must. The growing need for IP has resulted in a massive amount of data that shows no signs of topping out. In turn, this growth causes a data center dilemma in which challenges for optimizing power and operational efficiency occur.

Some of the options available to resolve this dilemma are intelligent infrastructure solutions such as DCIM, high-speed flexible cabling and intelligent lighting. What do you think is the optimal solution for your data challenge? Some believe these are too costly or not entirely well-thought-out from the perspective on an all-encompassing solution. With technology moving at a rapid pace, there are many aspects to the challenge that must be considered.

To learn more about these trending data center dilemmas and available intelligent solutions, CommScope will host a one-day webinar in six languages starting with my presentation on October 1 at 10 a.m. IST (11 a.m. GMT). The presentation, Data Centre Dilemma –Building For Efficiency and An Unknown Future, will feature material on this topic and dive further into this discussion.

The webinar presenters, languages and dates are found below. If you register and are unable to attend the webinar at the time listed, fear not—a link to a recording of the webinar will be emailed to you. To register for the webinar, click on one of the following options:

Willie O’Connell (English) – October 1

Davide Badiali (Italian) – October 3

Chris Putman (Dutch) – October 4

Jean-Luc Esculpavit (French) – October 4

Michal Matyla (German) - October 4

Alberto Martínez (Spanish) - October 11

I hope that you can join us to be a part of an in-depth look into what brought enterprise data challenges to where they are now. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about the presentation material and I will be sure to respond.

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Willie O’Connell is the managing director, Northern Europe, for the CommScope Enterprise Solutions Division. Willie has overall responsibility for driving technical support for enterprise customers throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), ensuring that CommScope customers’ gain the optimum benefit from the full range of CommScope’s Enterprise portfolio, maximizing productivity and efficiency while minimizing cost and maximizing the return on investment Willie has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunication and data industry, having worked with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, OFS and before joining CommScope in 2012, spent eight years working with a CommScope Value Added Reseller. While working with AT&T and Lucent Technologies Willie was Program Manager for multiple projects in Kenya, South Africa, Poland, and spent 5 years in Germany managing the roll-out of the fixed wireless network for one of the early GSM operators. On returning to Ireland in 1995 Willie joined the Lucent Global Commercial Markets group as Technical Manager responsible for the technical support of SDH and ATM sales through indirect channels in EMEA. In 1998 Willie assumed the role of Sales Director for Lucent’s fibre optic sales in EMEA, which in 2001 became OFS. In 2003 Willie joined a Systimax Value Added Reseller based in Ireland with responsibility for business development. Willie studied electronic engineering at the Dundalk Institute of Technologies, has a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Financing with the ACCA and a Masters Certificate in International Contract Management from the George Washington University Washington DC.