The Need for Speed…on Twitter

The road to Terabit Ethernet is paved with different speeds – 10G, 40G, 50G. How far down the path is your network? The speed is getting speedier. And we’re here to help. CommScope’s Kam Patel has an idea to get questions answered.

2017_HSM_TwitterChatAs the world uses more digital “things,” network bandwidth is growing at such a pace that some industry analysts are calling this the fourth Industrial Revolution. That’s placing a mighty large demand on data centers around the world. Is yours ready?

CommScope can help get you there. Mark your calendars for an hour-long chat on Wednesday, May 17, at 10:00 a.m. CDT. A number of CommScope’s data center experts will be on Twitter to answer questions about all things speed, agility, adaptation and readiness related. Our subject matter experts range from people trained in overall network strategy to the nitty-gritty details about what data center solutions are needed. Use the hashtags #COMMTweets and #HSMComm to follow along.

I talk more about networking trends in this video, and give a little preview to what’s coming at CommScope. It’s an exciting, speedy time in our industry.