The Power of CommScope’s Solutions in Latin America

We live in a connected, digital world. We need reliable networks that process data fast. That’s why many companies deploy our SYSTIMAX and NETCONNECT copper and fiber solutions. Nowhere is that more evident than in Latin America. In this blog, Mariana Ramírez and Vanessa Prada explain how these two portfolios are vital to the region.

CommScope_Systimax_Netconnect_CALAIt is often said that “union is strength.” We proved it at CommScope on multiple occasions. For example, we work great with Latin American partners in our PartnerPRO Network. Our two structured cabling portfolios, SYSTIMAX and NETCONNECT, have a long, successful history in the region. They continue to offer products and services of the highest level for many kinds of projects.

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In this region, the market can be challenging with requests from partners, and above all, the needs of customers. This requires hard work and constant innovation. That means our portfolios are continually renewed and optimized. SYSTIMAX and NETCONNECT continue to grow and advance, and today are a large part of CommScope’s strength to face the future.

Today, the world is a connected, digital world. It depends on an efficient data network, capable of supporting technological advancement, which is integrated into our daily life in ways we had never imagined before. That’s why at CommScope, innovation is one of our core values, vital for long-term success.

SYSTIMAX, our flagship structured cabling offer, continues to be the model for industry standards. Created through extensive research and innovation, it continues to be one step ahead, satisfying customers and exceeding industry standards. This has been evidenced with many large projects in the region, such as a recent project with a finance company in Mexico. By deploying the SYSTIMAX imVision system and GigaSPEED structured cabling they were able to provide end to end infrastructure management for their new data centers.

NETCONNECT, formerly known as AMP NETCONNECT, continues to offer a complete portfolio of structured copper and fiber cabling solutions. It enables companies to build a solid network infrastructure, preparing data centers and networks for migration to higher speeds while ensuring performance and minimizing disruption. Similarly, NETCONNECT delivers infrastructure for demanding enterprise building applications, such as a recent project in the region for a large provider of co-working space. Network connectivity is as essential as power and lighting in a co-working environment, and NETCONNECT delivers the bandwidth and performance needed to support a productive workplace for all tenants.

SYSTIMAX and NETCONNECT continue to play essential roles in the CALA market. As technology and network applications evolve and grow, these two portfolios will enable their users to take full advantage of these new technologies.