Things to Sustain: Weekends, Pizza, Earth

Despite things like pizza, ice cream, holidays and the like, the earth and its natural resources should top most people’s lists of things worth sustaining. The good news is earth’s sustainability has become a priority for many people and businesses. See how CommScope is contributing to that worthy cause in its just-issued 2012 Sustainability Report.

It’s easy to think of a few things that definitely shouldn’t be sustained, such as traffic jams, head colds and boring lectures. On the other hand, my favorite in the category of things to sustain is obvious—earth and its natural resources.

Now, I know some of you are grumbling and questioning my honesty. OK, weekends, golf trips and pizza also are pretty high on my “yes, please sustain” list. But I’m not being selfish, at least regarding this.

The importance and awareness of sustainability of the earth’s resources has risen up the charts fairly dramatically over the past few decades. It wasn’t so long ago that belching smokestacks, polluted waterways and trash-strewn roadways abounded and seemingly were accepted as the norm. Thankfully, that mindset is no longer.

Today, people are more passionate and aware, governments more stringent, and businesses more focused and motivated on the issue of the earth’s sustainability. It’s the right thing to do.

At CommScope, sustainability is a priority not because it is expected of our company, but because it is consistent with our values and our personal and professional responsibilities. We strive for business practices that ensure the health and safety of people, and maintain and protect the earth’s valuable resources. That can take the form of improved employee safety, reduced energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions and minimized environmental impact. It also means creating innovative ways to help our customers operate sustainable, energy-efficient networks that address consumers’ insatiable appetite for data—and a better quality of life.

This is a journey with no finish line. We have made great progress, with much to be proud of. We also have more work in front of us. I encourage you to check out CommScope’s results in its newly-issued 2012 Sustainability Report. It’s the story of a company determined to fulfill a leadership role in ensuring a healthy, better planet. It’s an effort worth sustaining.

How are you involved in creating a more sustainable planet?