CommScope believes there are three fundamental strategies for achieving the 5G vision: densification, virtualization and optimization.  Network operators will need more cell sites, more backhaul and more fiber for 5G. Wireless networks are going to become more like data centers in the core and RAN to increase agility. The efficient use of spectrum and new technologies are also key. I explain more in this short video. Check out our Mobile World Congress 2017 website for some of the technologies that will lay the foundation. 

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Kevin Linehan

Kevin Linehan is vice president, Office of CTO, responsible for monitoring wireless industry trends, technologies and standards, particularly as they relate to antenna technology and product development. Kevin is also responsible for the scouting, evaluation and introduction of emerging antenna systems technologies through collaborative innovation and strategic alliances. He previously worked in various management and design positions for base station antennas, terrestrial microwave antennas and earth station antennas at CommScope and Andrew Corporation. Kevin received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, where he was a research assistant in the Electromagnetics Research Laboratory. He holds six patents for antenna design in the United States.

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