Time to Get a Backbone

Has anyone ever told you to “get a backbone?” Well, we’ve given one to a very important business, and it’s all because our customers demand it. Read more from our Jennifer Duits.

Backbone 360x203When someone tells you to “get a backbone,” it’s usually because you need to buck up, be brave and get stronger. Funny enough, that’s what we’ve done with our campus fiber network. We’ve literally given it a backbone.

Our backbone is the aggregation point of all fiber access points in a campus, or more than one building on a plot of land. From healthcare to government to actual college campuses, it’s a matter of connecting all the buildings in one solid network.

The good news is that we know that now is the time to do it. With 5G on the horizon and even talk of (gasp!) 10G, organizations must be ready to make their backbones even stronger. What solutions do they need to consider for today, next year and 10 years from now?

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It’s something we strive to do here at CommScope. It’s all about making sure our customers are ready for what’s ahead – from the standpoints of timeliness, production and support. Being a strategic partner is a must.

We’d love to hear your opinion as we start a new year of next generation solutions. What are you putting in your campus network to make your backbone stronger? In the meantime, take a listen to what that means for our customers: