Unleashing the Real Value of DCIM

There are many myths surrounding the integration capabilities of DCIM, which can cause a significant delay in seeing the benefits of the solution. In his blog, James Sherrin discusses what organizations need to know when seeking the most value from a DCIM tool.

DCIMValueTo unleash its true value as a management tool, a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution must be able to share information with a plethora of other systems that exist inside and outside of your data center. Integration capabilities are an absolute necessity for a truly broad-based DCIM platform. Many organizations may not fully understand the importance of this aspect to a DCIM solution.

If your organization operates a data center, you are already juggling multiple systems to keep it running as efficiently as possible. As DCIM gains traction with a broader range of data center operators, it is becoming imperative that the solution can be integrated to envelope all the other management and monitoring tools. Without DCIM, you could face future complications stemming from disparate systems not speaking the same language or not being able to stay on the same page with respect to managing the physical infrastructure.

There are so many myths surrounding DCIM and its projected capabilities within the data center, that it has prompted me to join Andy Lawrence of 451 Research in an upcoming webinar titled “MYTH VS. REALITY: How Integrations Unleash the Real Value of DCIM.” CommScope will host the webinar on November 18 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Integration as "the new mandate" for the broad-based DCIM platform.
  • Off-the-shelf integrations that link DCIM to third-party systems including real-time monitoring, ITSM, asset management and more.
  • Current realities about which integration strategies work and which do not.

Can you confirm when a DCIM solution has the inherent integration capabilities to fulfill your data center’s needs? Sign up for this free webinar on November 18 to learn more about the real value of DCIM.