We Really Want You to “Like” Us

Social media is a way of life. Whether you are on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, social media is driving the way companies do business. In this blog posting, Joe Depa explains the launch of the new CommScope Facebook page.

Facebook Like ImageBesides my parents, can you think of anyone who is not on Facebook? Let’s face it; my parents are in the minority.

There is no denying the influence that social media, including Facebook, has on the business world. Because of the large number of users visiting this social platform, many businesses have turned to Facebook as a way to connect with customers, potential customers and partners. It now provides businesses and companies a way to talk with and get direct feedback from their audience.

Facebook PageCommScope understands the benefits of social media. That’s why we are on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr. We hope you have found these channels useful sources of information. We certainly view them as helpful in keeping connected and hearing from you. This week marks a new day in CommScope’s social media efforts—the launch of the CommScope Facebook page.

Our page will keep you informed about CommScope and the industries we serve by providing you with updates, links, videos, and other information. We also hope to strike up a conversation, so let’s hear from you. I encourage you to join our Facebook community, as well as follow us on our other social media platforms.

So go ahead and like the CommScope Facebook page. Maybe after this, I will have an easier time talking my parents into joining Facebook.