We love winning the gold!

Anyone can say they have an excellent corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, but not many can say that it is award winning. CommScope’s Zuzana Pospechova explains why CommScope’s CSR program continues to win the gold rating from EcoVadis.

2018_CSR_Rating_EcoVadis_CommScopeCommScope’s strong focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been recognized for a third consecutive year with a Gold CSR rating by EcoVadis, a global leader in monitoring, benchmarking and enabling sustainability in global supply chains.

CommScope earned an overall score that indicates confirmed CSR engagement, putting us in the top 12 percent of all companies assessed, and in the top eight percent within our industry category (communication equipment manufacturing).

In granting Gold status to CommScope, EcoVadis cited our structured and proactive CSR approach, our policies and actions on major CSR issues, and our strong reporting on CSR performance. CommScope customers and other firms can access our EcoVadis CSR ratings online (subscription required).

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CSR is a high priority for CommScope. Most broadly, CSR is a philosophy that embraces our core company values and ensures we produce smart solutions that respect our people and our planet. CommScope earned the gold rating based on the CSR policies, programs and reporting we have in place across the company.

EcoVadis subject matter experts evaluate a company’s CSR system by looking at seven management indicators. Their analysis takes into account 21 CSR criteria that are contained under four themes:

  • Environment: involving energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; materials, chemicals and waste; sustainable consumption and more.
  • Labor practices and human rights: regarding employee health and safety; working conditions; discrimination and harassment and more.
  • Fair business practices: regarding corruption and bribery, anti-competitive practices, and responsible information management.
  • Sustainable procurement: supplier environmental practices; supplier social practices.

The Ecovadis methodology and criteria are in line with international CSR standards including the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000.

A strong commitment to corporate social responsibility is often a strong indicator of a well-managed company, and many companies use CSR ratings as part of their supplier decision-making process. We are proud of our Gold CSR recognition and are committed to continuous improvement in this area. We care about the legacy CommScope will leave to future generations.