What Does High Speed Migration Mean to You?

Ken_Hall_small Ken Hall May 16, 2017

Twitter_Chat_HSMIt’s a big day for us at CommScope. We’re launching our High Speed Migration platform. Yes, there are new solutions. Yes, there are improvements on other solutions. Yes, we’re making a big deal out of it. But here’s the thing: we HAVE to. Because evolving networks won’t wait. Efficient speed is everything!

What does High Speed Migration mean to us? It means working with our customers to ensure their networks are ready for 100Gb. 400 Gb. 1 Tb. It may be hard to imagine right now, but studies say it’ll be here in another five years.

It means designing a network that’s agile enough for anything that comes along. Built for speed, site efficiency, and demand, High Speed ready infrastructure cabling will enable network migration in line with the business requirements of the data center.

It means working with our customers to do what’s right for them. It’s our job to know what’s coming years from now. We know what data center networks will need to support upcoming demand.

It seems nothing is ever fast enough. Immediacy is sometimes too slow. Take a look below, and tell me: what does high speed migration mean to you? And if you wish to talk more about it, join us for a Twitter chat devoted to this topic on Wednesday, May 17, at 10:00 a.m. CDT. Just follow along at @commscope or #COMMTweets.

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Ken Hall

Kenneth Hall is data center architect for North America at CommScope, responsible for technology and thought leadership, as well as high speed migration planning for enterprise and related data centers. Ken has been with CommScope and other acquired companies for 32 years in global program and project management, technical sales, marketing and industry standards.