What the “My Projects” Website Tutorial Means to You

When you buy something online, you want the process to be as smooth as possible. When buying our solutions, we want your shopping experience to flawless. That’s why we made a step-by-step how-to video explaining how to use the “My Projects” feature on our website. Michael Laney explains in this blog.

How_to_Use_My_ProjectWhen I’m shopping on line I first like to research what I plan to buy. That’s what many people do when they come to www.commscope.com. One of the most frequent questions people ask about our website and the Product Catalog is “How do I create a custom product catalog?” This can be done easily using our “My Projects” feature on the website.

To make things easier for you, a video was developed to use as a step-by-step overview of that process—from registering and setting up an account on “My CommScope” to the finished document. The video also serves as an introduction (or refresher) in navigating our website and product catalog, as well as using the smart filters. In addition, it includes several other features that you may not be aware of:

  • How to create and add items to a project
  • How to edit and update a project
  • How to export a project to an Excel spreadsheet
  • How to export a project to a custom product catalog
  • How to submit your project for a quote request

Also, a complete video is available, as well as three short, customized versions segmented by topic:

These videos can be found on our YouTube channel and in our Resource Center where we have other website video tutorials for you to view. Please note that our next video tutorial will be on how to use WebTrak.

I welcome your feedback on My Project features and for suggestions for new tutorials. Please use the comment section below.