We recently hosted a great customer at our Executive Briefing Center in Richardson, Texas. As I prepared for the visit, I found myself sweating, not because I was nervous but because someone had turned all the thermostats in the EBC to 80 degrees Farenheit. Now, it was very cold here in Texas at the time, but 80 degrees? In addition, some of the equipment was still powered on. So I reset the entire area to a more comfortable temperature, now confident that our guests wouldn't be put into a stupor, at least not from the heat.

Then it hit me….what a waste of money. I’m pretty frugal—just ask my kids who constantly hear me say they’re letting my money fly out the open door.

As with most visits, our Intelligent Infrastructure Solution, iPatch®, was on the agenda. As we were going through our most recent software developments – it hit me again. Our latest proof-of-concept integration addresses similar energy management issues. Just  weeks ago at Cisco Live! in London, we demonstrated how the combination of Cisco’s EnergyWise® energy management architecture and our iPatch solution can save energy by applying energy management policy based on real-time location information. EnergyWise enables companies to measure, monitor and manage the power consumption of network infrastructure and any network-attached devices. iPatch allows that information to be updated in real-time, enabling IT and facilities to optimize the environment for cost savings.

EnergyWise and SYSTIMAX iPATCH

I know CommScope is committed to green initiatives, but like most companies we still have many opportunities for better stewardship and cost reduction. At a minimum, with these solutions installed some of that equipment could be automatically powered down. With this as a platform for energy management, certainly our future is green indeed.

I guess life truly is better with iPatch.

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Simon Cowley

Simon C. Cowley is director of campus fiber market development for CommScope.  In this role, he is responsible for developing unique and comprehensive solutions for the office and campus workplace environment covering copper, fiber, wireless, and power technologies. Simon previously led CommScope’s Enterprise Solutions Global Technical Support team since 2006.  He also served as director of apparatus R&D for copper, fiber, and intelligent systems and fiber optic engineering manager since joining CommScope in 2001. Before joining Commscope, he served in various engineering, business development, and management capacities with Amphenol Fiber Optics, ITT Cannon, and FCI/Berg Electronics. Simon is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with an MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix.

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