Why Fibre Should Be at the Heart of Operators' Connectivity Strategies

Bio_Blog friendly Phil Sorsky November 4, 2016

Access to superfast broadband and speedy 4G services – we all have that as standard, right? Well, actually no. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case across Europe. While those in larger metropolitan cities such as London, Brussels and Luxembourg might be lucky enough to have consistent, high quality connectivity, it is not an equal playing field for those in rural areas.

The role broadband plays as an enabler cannot be underestimated. For small businesses, reliable broadband provides the opportunity to reach a global audience – and could even be the difference between success and failure. For the elderly or hard-to-reach individuals, reliable connectivity access can prevent issues such as social isolation and loneliness.

With broadband and - increasingly - 4G mobile services becoming ever-present in many people’s everyday lives, it is critical that everyone across the continent has the same access to the opportunities it enables.

Addressing the connectivity challenge

One way the industry could seek to address this challenge is through Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology, widely considered the fastest and most reliable way to access the Internet. FTTH has the potential to open the door to a wide range of services and applications, both for entertainment and productivity, delivered right to the home or office.

Beyond broadband

While access to fibre will play a critical role in supporting the growth and development of small businesses, as well as connecting families and friends across the globe, we must not ignore the key role mobile coverage plays as well.

Whether inside a large building, a crowded area or even a rural region, operators must also consider the importance of access to speedy and reliable mobile phone coverage. Wi-Fi isn’t always available, and sometimes provides inconsistent and even unsecure access to networks, so therefore 4G must be available for consumers and businesses alike.

High speed fibre broadband and cellular connectivitysupports economic growth and an improved quality of life for everyone. And this should be available across all parts of Europe – no matter how rural or hard-to-reach.

With subscribers clamouring for more and more bandwidth and a higher quality of service, network operators must continue to look for faster ways to deploy high speed mobile and broadband networks – and fibre should play a key role as part of these pledges.

Today, 4 November, is Gimme Fibre Day. Now is the time to put fibre at the heart of your connectivity strategy!

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Phil Sorsky

Phil Sorsky, is senior vice president of Service Providers Sales for Europe, Middle East, and Africa for CommScope. Phil is responsible for all business in the telecommunications space including mobility and fixed line. Phil has more than 20 years of telecommunications industry experience, having worked for and made significant contributions to industry leaders such as Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems, Cisco Systems and AT&T. In his most recent position, Phil was Juniper’s vice president of sales for the United Kingdom and portions of northern Europe, where he was responsible for sales, technical support and marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Birmingham in the UK.