Why You'll Never have the Perfect FTTX Business Case

You may never marry the right person. You may never achieve the perfect FTTX business case. But our Arria Giulan says there may be a way to come close.

Marriage 360x203I read this great opinion piece in a recent New York Times about how some people may never marry the right person. It made me think that some people may never have the perfect FTTX business plan either.

If you are chasing return on investment or net present value perfection in your FTTX business plan, you may never find it. When it comes to networks, planning can easily take 20 or 30 years—which means every choice made at the outset has long-term implications. Today, on the cusp of a whole new era in innovation, requirements and technologies are quickly evolving—bringing along much higher complexities in business planning.

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CommScope’s experts have spent thousands of hours over four decades supporting customers in designing, building and maintaining their networks in regions around the world. In the new eBook, “Fiber to the X Fundamentals,” we dedicated an entire chapter to what we believe makes a successful business plan work, while looking at revenue, cost, funding and analysis with very practical tips.

With the rapid changes in today’s marketplace, I believe there is no textbook business case. No need to chase perfection! Rather, what’s needed is to apply the fundamentals and complete a thorough sensitivity analysis. Get future-ready, and ensure your organization is ready for it.

What are you doing to plan for your FTTX network? We’d love to see your tips in our comments below.