Witnessing The “Firsts” In The Enterprise

There have been many “firsts” over the years within Enterprise networks. In his latest CommScope blog, Jim Hulsey discusses his experience with emerging technology through the introduction of a unique infographic outlining the evolution of enterprise networks from 2002 to the present.

Have you ever noticed the number of people that claim they were there for the big game? The stadium holds 50,000 and yet 100,000 claim to have been there for that magical moment - the play that will never be forgotten.

Fortunately, I have had a front row seat since the late 1990s for the many “firsts” in the structured cabling industry. I was there in 1997 when the first Category 6 cabling system was introduced and 1Gb/s became a reality over twisted pair. I was there in 1998 when the first OM3 fiber system was introduced and 10Gb/s became a reality over multimode fiber. Since then, I have seen a lot of other “firsts”.

Ten years ago, few could have imagined that 40Gb/s over twisted pair was even possible. In the next few years, it will be a reality. Who would have thought we would ever want or need 400Gb/s in our data centers? In just over six years time, smartphones and wireless technology have changed the way we live, work, play and learn.

The fact is that we have just scratched the surface on an appetite for data speed and bandwidth. Staying connected is becoming an addiction for many in our culture. When your place of worship reminds you to “turn your phone back on after the service” you know technology has stretched into every corner of our lives.

It has been exciting for me to witness the evolution of Enterprise networks during my career. To provide a glimpse of this evolution, we have put together a great infographic demonstrating how twisted pair, fiber optics and wireless use have transitioned over the past decade. The infographic’s data is based on responses to our tri-annual Global Enterprise Survey, most recently conducted in early 2013. I hope you enjoy it.

How do you see Enterprise technology evolving over the next decade? If you have any questions or comments about the graphic, leave a comment below and I will be sure to respond.

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Evolution of the Network