You better be ready for 5G, because it’s right around the corner

You need to be ready for 5G. The industry is gearing up for some deployments this year. How will you be ready for 5G? In this vlog, Joe Depa interviews Ben Cardwell about 5G and how operators can get on the path to 5G.

2019_MWC_blogEveryone is preparing for the arrival of 5G. In fact, this will be the year we get our first taste of 5G. We won’t see any big rollouts until 2020 and beyond; however, 5G networks promise to support new services, more video, and cloud connectivity.

So, what does that mean for CommScope? Getting ready for 5G is as important as knowing how it will be used. In fact, Banner Health and INWIT recently deployed our Era all-digital C-RAN antenna system to prepare for 5G. Plus, our new 3.5 GHz-capable antennas are future-ready as part of the path to 5G and compatible with LTE and earlier radio technologies.

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Recently, Ben Cardwell posted a blog about how the future of 5G starts now. He shares several trends that are driving 5G innovation today. In this video, I asked Ben about 5G and how operators can get on the path to 5G.

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