The year is half over.  Aaaargh, where does time go?  So what will I do to mark this great time of year?  Golf? Cold drink under a shade tree? Long bike ride?  Nah.

Instead, I offer thanks to you.  Within the past few weeks, CommScope has reached a couple of attention-grabbing milestones in its use of social media.  Granted, they are attention-grabbing much in the same way as when your car’s odometer hits a nice round number such as 10,000 or 100,000.  Regardless, it may seem trivial, but I sure have noticed!

You see, we recently welcomed our 1,000th follower of the CommScope Twitter  account, which we began just over five months ago.  (Not following us yet?  Join the rush at!/CommScope!)

Also, our company LinkedIn page recently achieved its 4,000th follower, and that number keeps growing.  (What, you’re not following us on LinkedIn?  Fix that now at

Of course, this blog—our first foray into social media about 18 months ago—continues to attract a dedicated following for which we are appreciative.  (If you haven’t already, you can get every new post sent directly to your email inbox by signing up elsewhere on this page.)

Thank you for connecting with CommScope via these social media platforms, not to mention our YouTube and Flickr channels.  We hope the information we’re sharing is useful and informative, while also giving you additional ways to connect with us.  We’re looking to continue learning and improving in our blogging, tweeting, linking and networking—your suggestions and recommended topics are always welcome.

Thanks for connecting with us.  Thanks for sharing our stuff.  A big “like” to all of you!

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Rick Aspan

Rick Aspan, APR, is vice president of Corporate Communications at CommScope. A former journalist, he has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications functions in the telecom, internet and networking industries at companies such as MCI, Ameritech and Tellabs.

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2 comments for "You’ve Earned a Big “Like”"
Rick Aspan

Thanks Dan. We appreciate your ongoing support! Stay cool.

Dan Panattoni

Congratulations on the milestones. Always a good read.

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