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Our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability vision statement
Meaningful integrity is a decisive personal and company-wide commitment to enable faster, smarter and more sustainable solutions while demonstrating the utmost respect for our human and natural resources.


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By utilizing innovative technology, intelligent engineering and energy-efficient designs, CommScope is building sustainable networks that make our customers more agile while also preserving the natural ecosystems from which we source our raw materials.

We’re privileged to have the talents of extraordinary thinkers and innovators who are recognized internally and by outside organizations for their efforts. Their committed spirit drives us as a company to be a model of safety, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

CommScope has been recognized by customers and organizations around the world for outstanding solutions and services, management systems, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programs, initiatives and performance - view the list of our achievements and awards.


Welcome to a sustainable philosophy that embraces our values and holds us accountable to produce smart solutions that respect our people and our planet.


At CommScope, we are actively reducing the environmental impact of our products, sites and manufacturing processes.


We are proud of our employees for embracing health and safety as a vital part of their everyday workplace experience.


Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides a framework for expected conduct on the part of our employees and third-party representatives.


As we empower our people, they become more productive. As we invest in nearby communities, they thrive.


We’re working diligently to support diversity within our supplier relationships, including small and minority-owned businesses.


From ethical business practices to workplace safety to environmental stewardship, each CommScope employee has agreed to honor and uphold these principles.


CommScope manages our Product compliance process and status using a cross-functional approach to comply with applicable laws, and customer requirements regarding the use of various substances in products and the manufacturing process.