SYSTIMAX SolutionsTM, the worldwide leader in structured connectivity solutions for organizations, today announced that the Alliade Groupe has chosen the SYSTIMAX® GigaSPEED® X10D Solution to re-cable its headquarters in Lyon, France. The GigaSPEED X10D Solution provides the company with end-to-end, 10 Gigabit network connections that comply with the latest IEEE 802.3an task force guidelines for 10GBASE-T.

Alliade, a leading residential property company in France’s Rhône-Alpes region, is extending its headquarters into an adjacent office block to provide more space for its real estate management division. This presents the company with the task of modernizing and extending its cabling infrastructure, which currently consists of a token ring network in the existing building but no cabling at all in the recently acquired block.

The GigaSPEED X10D Solution will be used to migrate the token ring network in the existing building to an Ethernet solution and connect this to new cabling in the adjacent building. In total, more than 2,100 information outlets will be installed in the two office blocks. To supply these, Alliade chose SYSTIMAX Solutions, relying on a SYSTIMAX Business Partner - part of the Anixter distribution network to install the system.

“We already had experience with SYSTIMAX Solutions and we were very satisfied with them,” said Thierry Bonnaud, Manager of Alliade’s Systems, Networks and Production Center, “And so, when we opted for the new SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cabling, we were confident that this 10G solution would meet all our bandwidth requirements for present and future applications.”

Alliade’s choice of GigaSPEED X10D UTP copper cabling was a strategic decision that will let the company realize the full potential of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T). By committing to this new technology, Alliade is ready to implement not only today’s applications, but tomorrow’s as well.

With its new cabling, Alliade expects to increase the speed and efficiency of its administrative processes, which should improve service to more than 60,000 clients.

“Alliade will have the first GigaSPEED X10D installation in France, giving them the potential to run 10 Gb/s channels over copper cabling,” adds Olivier Alquier, SYSTIMAX Solutions’ Director for France and North Africa. “This new solution is ideal to meet their requirement for a quality cabling system that offers the performance needed by network-intensive applications such as high-resolution video, grid computing and Storage Area Networks.”

SYSTIMAX Solutions believes it is the first vendor to provide a full UTP solution that complies with the latest IEEE 802.3an specifications for 10GBASE-T as well as proposed TIA and ISO/IEC specifications for Category 6a/New Class E cabling. By meeting these new standards, GigaSPEED X10D cabling provides a next-generation total solution that supports both the bandwidth needs of today and even more demanding applications expected in the future.

The new cabling is a progression from the Category 6/Class E GigaSPEED solution pioneered by SYSTIMAX Solutions in 1997. It is also covered by the same 20-year warranty and application assurances as all SYSTIMAX cabling solutions.

The GigaSPEED X10D product portfolio comprises:

• GigaSPEED 91 Series Cable, available in plenum, non-plenum and low smoke zero halogen versions

• The new, innovative Universal Modular Patch (UMP) Panel

• MGS500 outlets

• GS10E patch cords

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SYSTIMAX Solutions, a CommScope company (NYSE:CTV), is a worldwide leader in structured cabling systems and provides integrated end-to-end connectivity solutions for voice, data, video and building management applications in both wired and wireless enterprise networks.

SYSTIMAX Solutions supplies its high performance and market-leading range of products through a network of highly skilled BusinessPartners. The product range includes the copper based GigaSPEED® X10D and GigaSPEED XL Solutions, the fiber-optic LazrSPEED® and TeraSPEED™ Solutions and the intelligent patching iPatch® System. The SYSTIMAX AirSPEED™ Solution adds a wireless option to the portfolio. SYSTIMAX Labs and the people who have spearheaded these innovations will continue to play an integral role in the future success of SYSTIMAX Solutions. Currently the company’s BusinessPartners install an average of over 1,000 miles (1,600km) of SYSTIMAX cable every day in approximately 120 countries worldwide. For further information please visit

About Alliade

The Alliade group was created in February 2004 when the Caisse Interprofessionnelle du Logement de Lyon (CILL) – with a 1% direct involvement in housing – pooled forces under a single identity with its many subsidiaries in the construction sector and in public and private housing management.

With this broad and solid background, the Alliade group is one of the leading housing companies in France’s Rhône-Alpes region with more than 38,000 social housing units, 20,000 privately managed properties, and 47,000 financial loans and guarantees a year.

From revitalizing social housing districts to developing major urban planning projects, from managing and improving property assets to promoting programs in line with changing modes of living and new behavioral configurations, Alliade has its eyes set firmly on the future.

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