As new mobile devices come to market that support location-based services, network operators increasingly favor solutions that are based on Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) protocols.

Helping ensure compatibility, Andrew Wireless Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in communications systems and products, is successfully supporting handset vendors SUPL-capable devices through interoperability testing on the Andrew Geometrix® SUPL Location Platform, paving the way for wireless operators to reliably integrate location-based services into their networks.

Interoperability of handsets is critical for the success of any SUPL-based application, said John Baker, vice president, Technical Marketing, Wireless Network Solutions, Andrew. To ensure this critical interoperability and to provide maximum flexibility to our Geometrix SUPL Location Platform customers, Andrew initiated a comprehensive handset testing program more than a year ago. The program is available to any handset vendor wishing to test its devices for interoperability and, to date, most major handset vendors have participated. Our work in this area will help speed development and implementation of location based-services that will benefit consumers and businesses.

Secure User Plane Location is a streamlined alternative to the Control Plane location method, a network-level means used in all previous location systems for finding callers. Control Plane location systems interconnect with the equipment that comprises and operates wireless networks and the signaling systems within the network. For example, when a 911 call is placed, Control Plane location systems calculate the location of the caller and forward this information to emergency respondersa reliable but less direct way to locate wireless devices.

SUPL, however, leverages location capabilities that are becoming more prevalent in wireless handsets, especially Assisted-GPS. With SUPL, an application can directly request any handsets location by means of a short message to the handset. There is no need to interact at the network level, or Control Plane, enabling greater flexibility in meeting the growing demands for Assisted-GPS location services.

Operators install Andrews Geometrix SUPL Location Platform to support critical functions such as authentication, privacy protection, and handset assistance with GPS and other functions. To help operators pursing the greatest flexibility and market responsiveness, Andrews Geometrix SUPL Location Platform is designed to support all SUPL-enabled handsets that meet industry standards.

Andrew expects that an increasing number of operators will implement SUPL and SUPL-based location systems to support location-based services in GSM, UMTS, and next-generation IP networks including LTE and WiMAX, Baker said. Several of the participating handset manufacturers we have already tested have been referred to the Andrew SUPL program by network operators implementing our solution.

Further details on Andrews SUPL testing program and system capabilities are available at

Andrews Geometrix MLC carrier-grade platforms support all handset-based and network-based wireless location methods, including assisted global positioning system (A-GPS) in both mobile-based and mobile-assisted versions, cell identity (CID), enhanced cell identity (E-CID), and uplink time difference of arrival (U-TDOA) technologies. In addition, Andrew employs hybrid location methods that enhance performance by combining features from individual locating technologies.

Operators and third-parties worldwide can count on Geometrix MLCs to offer location-based services for:

  • Consumers, to provide navigation, motorist assistance, child tracking, vehicle location, and shipment status;
  • Enterprises, to enhance vehicle and service dispatch, follow fleet movement, and track valuable assets;
  • Public safety, to help locate callers for emergency service centers.

Andrews experience in location-based services includes close work with LBS application companies. In addition, Andrew has conducted years of end-to-end testing with operators, network equipment vendors, and handset manufacturers. This deep body of experience enables Andrew to be an effective provider in the launching of location-based services across different markets.

Geometrix is a registered trademark of CommScope, Inc.

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