Andrew Corporation, a global leader in communications systems and products, has introduced enhancements to several of its coverage and capacity offerings for wireless network operators. The offerings expand the scope of Andrews industry-leading solutions for extending and enhancing radio signal distribution within buildings and high-traffic outdoor areas.

These market-driven enhancements to the ION-B, ION-M, Node M, Node C, and Amplifier Cable Booster products expand the radio frequencies on which these products can operate, as well as increase the configuration options for wireless networks.

As wireless users demand more data and video communications through their devices, more bandwidth and more frequencies must be utilized, said Morgan Kurk, vice president and acting general manager, Wireless Innovations, Andrew Corporation. These enhancements help operators widen the connection to their customers, whether indoor or outdoor, in an easier and more cost-effective manner.


Andrews Intelligent Optical Network (ION) series is the industry-leading optical distribution system for carrying radio signals loss-free over fiber optics, at all power levels, at distances ranging from 100 meters to 20 kilometers. ION-B systems help operators provide wireless coverage and capacity in a variety of demanding in-building scenarios, such as office complexes, skyscrapers, convention centers, shopping malls, and airports.

Enhancements now available include the ION-B Medium Power Dual Band AWS/PCS remote unit for networks operating in Advanced Wireless Spectrum and Personal Communications Services radio bands. Also available now is the ION-B Medium Power Triple Band LMR800/LMR900/PCS 1900 remote unit for push-to-talk and CDMA networks.

The new Andrew ION-B remote units, which connect to a master unit up to three kilometers away, help operators address multi-operator/neutral host environments and the rising demand for 3G indoor data coverage. The remote units are future-proof due to their ability to transport radio frequencies regardless of protocol and modulation.

The ION-B Dual Band and ION-B Triple Band can remote transmit two and three bands respectively over the same fiber, helping maximize effective use of bandwidth. Both units can be easily commissioned and supervised via a web-based graphical user interface. In addition, ION-Bs automatic gain control feature reduces design, installation, and optimization time, and avoids field adjustments.


Andrews ION-M is the optical solution for use outdoors and for indoor environments requiring equipment that is both high-powered and highly robust. It comes in a number of form factors that help the units blend seamlessly into various residential, office, and industrial environments.

Enhancements now available include the ION-M17P remote for new deployments of networks operating in the AWS band, the ION-M8/9/17/19 for neutral host applications that require support for all licensed bands, as well as the ION-M1940-2S and ION-M1940-3S for multi-sector operation from a single remote unit. Each ION-M remote requires only one single mode optical fiber, regardless of the number of frequency bands and sectors supported. The radio frequency (RF) output power, up to 20 watts of composite power, relative to the size of the unit is unmatched.

All ION-M remotes have been specifically tested and optimized for GSM, EDGE, iDEN, CDMA2000, EV-DO and WCDMA, and are provisioned for future improvements to the modulation, such as HSDPA and OFDM, and frequency bands.

The ION is easily set up and supervised via a graphical user interface. Remote units can be commissioned through the use of built-in test equipment. An auto-leveling function compensates for the optical link loss making installation easy and quick.

The entire system may be monitored remotely via an Andrew operation and maintenance center (OMC). This is a comprehensive management platform with SNMP protocol and X.733 standard implemented. Should a sophisticated interface not be required, the master unit can be directly connected to the alarm interface of a base station via relay alarming.

Node M, Node C

Node M and Node C are Andrews repeater units designed to fill gaps in wireless coverage via over-air links. Each node includes interference cancellation equipment (ICE), a feature set that minimizes isolation requirements between the donor and coverage antennas. ICE enables customers to locate antennas closer, even at the same elevation, to provide an easy installation of the product. Node M and Node C products also include an automated set-up regime that greatly accelerates installation time.

Features and functions may be locally or remotely monitored and changed via a web browser. In addition, operators benefit from the Andrew Integrated Management and Operating System (AIMOS), an advanced management system for repeater and distributed antenna systems, which can easily be integrated into any third party OMC platform. The AIMOS graphical browser provides an intuitive setup menu, including a wizard that allows users to correctly set up the equipment without any additional equipment. The Node C 1943 is self-diagnosing, self-adaptive, and virtually maintenance free. It is designed to provide more than 10 years of service under practically any conditions.

The new Node M 37 and Node C 37 both operate at 37dBm output. They are available in form factors that permit traditional pole mounting, suspension from aerial cable, or simple floor mounting.

Amplifier Cable Booster

The Andrew Amplifier Cable Booster (ACB) is a low-cost alternative for boosting indoor coverage and compensating for RF signal loss in passive distributed antenna systems. Each ACB is cost-optimized with an external power supply unit and ceramic duplexers. Andrew also makes each unit with a high-efficiency, low-cost, integrated, downlink feed-forward amplifier. This permits each Amplifier Cable Booster to be compliant for FCC, EGPP and GSM 050.50 applications. Andrew ACBs operate at two watts output.

Andrew ACBs are easy to install and are very cost-effective for a number of coverage scenarios in mid-size to large buildings. Available configurations make Andrew ACBs a suitable in-building alternative for North American, Western European, and Asian wireless networks. Andrew offers ACB models for 850, 900, 1700, 1800, 1900, and 2100 MHz applications.

Andrews coverage and capacity offerings, including the new features and enhancements, will be part of the companys ConnectOptimizeGrow solutions on exhibit March 27-29 at CTIA WIRELESS 2007 in Orlando (booth #2249). Andrews ConnectOptimizeGrow solutions help wireless operators connect users at the lowest capital expense, optimize efficiency and increase control of their networks, and grow usage and value.

As the world becomes more untethered, its citizens are increasingly demanding the same quality of voice and data communications whether they are in an office building, a stadium, or a subway train, said Kurk. Andrew is proud of its role helping build and maintain these seamless networks across the globe.

Andrew offers a complete line of robust and field-proven distributed communications system solutions for difficult coverage areas, tunnels, metros, and buildings, and has more than 15 years of experience in designing, installing, and managing large and complex radio frequency distribution systems for metropolitan railways, building owners, and public mobile radio and telephone operators throughout the world. Major projects include the 2006 World Cup stadiums, Hong Kong metro, Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, Sydney Olympics, Montreal metro, Turin metro, and Germanys Inter-City Express high speed rail.

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Andrew Corporation (NASDAQ:ANDW) designs, manufactures and delivers innovative and essential equipment and solutions for the global communications infrastructure market. The company serves operators and original equipment manufacturers from facilities in 35 countries. Andrew (, headquartered in Westchester, IL, is an S&P MidCap 400 company founded in 1937.

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