Despite the current global economic slowdown, the evolution of the wireless marketplace—including the technologies, networks, suppliers and operators that compose it—continues.

As wireless operators and global OEMs look toward HSPA+ and next generation network technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) and WiMAX, they are faced with three critical challenges today that can be helped solved by Andrew, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in wireless communication systems and products. Come Join the Evolution™ with Andrew at International CTIA WIRELESS 2009 and discover the following:

  • How to reduce costs while increasing network growth
  • How to incorporate environmentally friendly solutions into the network
  • How to deploy LTE and WiMAX the right way, the first time

Andrew Solutions Fuel OpEx Savings with Network Growth

Especially today, reducing operating costs is critical to an operator’s business health. Andrew offers a suite of network optimization solutions that work together to help limit site maintenance and manpower needs while managing and optimizing the network. For example, the remote cell site control and monitoring solution, OneBase InSite™, remotely audits network performance, sends alerts, and provides operators unprecedented control over remote electrical tilt antennas, amplifiers, thermostats, batteries and power levels. Andrew’s SmartBeam® antenna systems continuously re-balance traffic across all sectors while its Geometrix® mobile location center helps operators cost-effectively grow their networks with location based services.

“Andrew knows its customers face intense cost pressures and is devising innovative technologies to help manage such concerns,” said Eddie Edwards, executive vice president and general manager, Wireless Network Solutions, Andrew. “Andrew’s solutions are not just for enabling wireless communications but for making them better and more profitable.”

Going Green Benefits Environment and Bottom Line

Like most companies and global citizens today, wireless operators are looking at ways to “go green” and decrease their environmental impact. One major place to start is energy consumption and backup power. Andrew recognized this early on, which led to the development of its EcoPower™ hydrogen fuel cell cabinet solution that eliminates the need for lead acid batteries and diesel generators. Andrew’s integrated cabinets for wireless networks include high-efficiency cooling technologies, which drastically reduces energy consumption. And the company’s high efficiency power amplifiers almost double the efficiency levels of competitive models, meaning more energy gets used by the network instead of being lost as heat.

“Energy saving historically has not been top priority during network design, but the drive toward lowering operating costs is changing that mindset,” said Anil Trehan, chief technology officer, Carrier Solutions, Andrew. “Fortunately for operators, energy efficiency products and design techniques generally lead to operating cost savings in addition to decreasing environmental impact.”

Andrew Leads Into the Next Generation Networks

Andrew has already been awarded multiple LTE and WiMAX product development projects by operators and OEMs around the world to help in answering the question of how to deploy these technologies. Andrew’s skills move beyond products into conceptualizing and implementing overall network designs. The company’s engineers and skilled field technicians helped wireless operators overlay third generation networks on previous standards, which they will continue to do for LTE. Managing the challenges of intermodulation distortion, signal interference, and coverage and capacity constraints requires a holistic approach that accounts for the entire access network site. With a comprehensive product portfolio, years of field experience, close customer relationships, expert engineers and designers, and a stable, global presence, fixing such problems is exactly what Andrew does.

“Andrew has supported every wireless technology since AMPS and will continue to do so with LTE, WiMAX and beyond,” said Ted Hally, executive vide president and general manager, Antenna, Cable and Cabinets Group, Andrew. “More importantly, our team of experts knows how to design, rollout, optimize, and manage a network that satisfies customer demands and operator needs. We solve problems for our customers.”

Andrew has been a leading supplier of RF communication systems for over 70 years, 25 of them in the wireless industry. From the first cellular networks to the next generation networks yet to come, Andrew offers solutions for effectively designing, equipping, deploying, and optimizing wireless networks. Andrew invites all attendees at International CTIA WIRELESS 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 1 – 3, 2009 to its stand (Hall C4, Booth 7547) to Join the Evolution.

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