Andrew Wireless Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in communications systems and products, will unveil new and upgraded products in its Teletilt® remote electrical tilt and Invex3G® Autonomous network testing families, and launch a new product, the Node A RF Enhancer, for cost-effective in-building coverage, at this year's Convergence India 2008 trade show in New Delhi, India.

These new products are the latest additions to Andrew's suite of industry leading wireless communications systems and solutions since its acquisition by CommScope in December 2007. With the USD$2.6 billion acquisition, Andrew Wireless Solutions became a wholly-owned subsidiary of CommScope, which further solidified its position as a worldwide leader in ”last mile” infrastructure solutions for communications networks.

“Andrew is an extremely strong brand in the wireless space, while CommScope is an equally recognized name in the enterprise and broadband sector,” said Navin Vohra, country manager and director of Andrew South Asia Operations. “With the combined legacies and strengths of Andrew and CommScope, we intend to move even further up the value chain of our major customers.”

Andrew supports many customers in India, one of the fastest growing telecommunications markets in the world with mobile penetration expected to top 500 million by 2010. “The increasing demand for fast, efficient and reliable mobile services, particularly in the large, untapped markets of rural India, presents immense opportunities for us,” said Vohra. “We have had several new successes with WiMAX operators in India this past year, and we will continue to invest in this growth area to deliver converged network infrastructure solutions in both developing and mature markets in India.”

At this year's Convergence India, Andrew will present solutions that will enable wireless operators to manage their networks better, increase accuracy in measuring network performance, enhance service levels and significantly improve coverage. Among the newly introduced products are:

Node A RF Enhancer

As indoor wireless coverage becomes an important consideration for operators, Andrew is introducing a digital, multi-band selective repeater that provides cost-effective indoor coverage.

Andrew's Node A RF Enhancer supports a combination of narrowband channels and individual band segments in one unit—whether 2G, 2.5G, 3G, or 4G cellular, iDEN, TETRA, VHF, or the recently auctioned 700 MHz or other frequency bands. Wireless operators can use the Node A to bring all of their outdoor frequency bands into small- and mid-size buildings, or, if used in conjunction with Andrew's Intelligent Optical Network (ION™) family of products, cover large venues. The Node A is a cost-effective alternative to installing new base stations, performing the same function but at lower costs.

In addition to wireless operators, the Andrew Node A is ideal for other potential customers, such as building owners who need to support multiple forms of wireless communications, including mission-critical systems during national emergencies where firefighters, police, and other first responders will have higher demands for reliable ubiquitous radio coverage to ensure the public's safety. Another market for Node A is in the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities are some of the most RF intensive environments with more and more devices going wireless. Andrew's Node A can help manage the wireless spectrum available to this multitude of devices.


Andrew has increased the compatibility and value proposition of its Teletilt product family by upgrading the remote electrical tilt (RET) system's components.

Andrew now manufactures all of its Teletilt system components and firmware to be compliant with Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG) 1.1 and 2.0 modes, making them compatible with more existing and future tower equipment. This increase in compatibility should translate into increased cost savings for wireless operators, who can avoid replacing Teletilt components during new technology roll outs or upgrades at their cell sites.

Andrew has also introduced its new Antenna Network Management System (ANMS) Site Manager software interface, which enables operators to access their Teletilt-enabled sites from network centers anywhere in the world over an Ethernet connection. ANMS Site Manager gives operators routine, instant feedback of their network, allowing them to make easy adjustments to changing wireless traffic patterns, all from a remote location.

Invex3G Autonomous Compact

Andrew has expanded its family of automated drive test solution products with the introduction of Invex3G Autonomous Compact, a smaller, more economical unit that is ideal for measuring wireless network quality using taxis, buses and other fleet vehicles anywhere in the world.

The Invex3G Autonomous Compact—slightly thicker than a laptop computer—can benefit operators worldwide with its smaller size, as an alternative to Andrew's Invex3G Autonomous, introduced in 2007. The Autonomous Compact is ideal for operators desiring a smaller footprint for housing the remote drive test equipment in third-party vehicles such as taxis, buses and delivery trucks. Autonomous Compact's ability to handle three testing devices provides a cost-effective solution that enables operators to optimize their own network while benchmarking up to two competitors' wireless coverage.

Andrew will showcase these products at Convergence India 2008, March 19 – 21, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, at Booth C-125, Hall 11. For more information on Andrew's products and solutions, visit

Teletilt, Invex3G and RADIAX are registered trademarks, and ION is a trademark, of CommScope, Inc.

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