Building on its success with Ooredoo in standardizing tower tops for cellular sites, CommScope is offering a new, comprehensive solution to wireless operators for enabling successful fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) site deployments.

The FTTA Turnkey Solution™, part of the Andrew® portfolio of wireless solutions, standardizes remote radio unit (RRU) installation while bringing simplicity, consistency and performance assurance to a technologically and logistically complex application.

“The top of an antenna tower is one of the more challenging places to work, especially when you are adding active components while protecting existing systems,” said Stan Catey, senior vice president and general manager, Cable Products, CommScope. “With the FTTA Turnkey Solution, CommScope will supply decades of wireless network expertise, extensive partner relationships and unique tower equipment solutions that seamlessly integrate with RRU technology.”

FTTA the Right Way

Operators are deploying next generation technology RRUs at the top of cellular towers closer to the antennas, reducing loss and improving system performance. While this implementation approach offers new performance advantages, it requires installing fiber optic cabling and power at the top of the tower. CommScope’s FTTA Turnkey Solution will relieve uncertainty about successful RRU deployment while increasing visibility into installation, maintenance and operating costs. The FTTA Turnkey Solution enables wireless operators to create and maintain a future-ready wireless network that can be implemented with any major radio technology. It is a comprehensive, flexible platform capable of supporting multiple RF technologies and frequencies while boosting network capacity. The FTTA Turnkey Solution includes:

  • Award winning Argus® UltraBand™ multiport antennas
  • HELIAX® FiberFeed™ hybrid fiber and power trunk cable and tails
  • HELIAX SureFlex™ RF cable assemblies
  • Cabinets, structural supports, connectors and assemblies
  • Optional Andrew SiteRise™ pre-assembled tower solution

The optional Andrew SiteRise™ tower solution is believed to be the world’s first pre-assembled tower top for RRU site architectures. First deployed by international operator Ooredoo, Andrew SiteRise provides pre-assembly and pre-testing of all RF equipment prior to hoisting up the tower. Through this unique approach to site construction, Andrew SiteRise offers numerous benefits to network operators, including:

  • Standardization of the installation process
  • An innovative modular design approach that enables enhanced network performance upgrades
  • A more compact approach that frees up valuable space at the top of the tower
  • A simplified maintenance and replacement process that reduces operating costs

Total Support for a Turnkey Solution

In addition to innovative wireless tower solutions, CommScope currently offers numerous services, resources and an overarching RF path service warranty to North American wireless operators as part of the FTTA Turnkey Solution. CommScope and its partners can support customers with pre-design consultation, scope of work development, trialing, project management, site kitting and full-scale plan rollout. Similarly, CommScope expects to expand the FTTA Turnkey Solution into a complete product and services offering for customers in all regions of the world.

“The FTTA Turnkey Solution bundles advanced tower technology with comprehensive services to simplify the evolution to remote radio units,” said Catey. “FTTA is a big transition in cell site architecture, and CommScope is doing everything it can to make the move successful for our customers.”

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