CommScope, Inc., a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, today has demonstrated how it can once again exceed industry standards by successfully enabling a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) data transmission over off-the-shelf multi-mode fiber optic cabling at a length of 430 meters during Datacenter Dynamics Converged in Shanghai.

In collaboration with Ixia, this public demonstration of this data transmission took place using SYSTIMAX® InstaPATCH® 360 fiber cable assemblies and LazrSPEED® 550 OM4 fiber.

The successful deployment reflects CommScope’s continued leadership in creating quality connections for enterprises and paves ways for the companies to build highly reliable and performance-driven network infrastructure for business growth. With the success of the demonstration, companies will also be able to develop a future-proofed communications networks foundation that does not require re-engineering of existing networks or deploy new cable when they evolve to 100G.

“Businesses need to understand the importance of creating intelligent networks that are based on future-proofed communications framework, especially when two-thirds of network failure is because of cabling infrastructure,” said Jian Wu, national technical manager, Greater China, CommScope. “In China, a region where businesses put heavy emphasis on cost-efficiency and high-productivity, it is the quality of connection that counts the most, and this successful demonstration proves the value high-performance cabling infrastructure can bring.”

Today’s demonstration matched the same data transmission that was first showcased during Cisco Live! in London in January where CommScope reached the 430-meter mark, and later surpassed it by almost 200 meters. In June, the demonstration was repeated during Datacenter Dynamics Converged in Hong Kong.

The 100GE standard was ratified in 2010 by the IEEE 802.3ba committee for transmissions up to 150 meters of OM4 fiber cable. CommScope’s 430-meter link proves that the range could be effectively doubled through the combined use of high-performance connectivity solutions and advanced optoelectronics. This technological advancement is the first to take place publicly, rather than in closed-door laboratory environments in Asia.

Ixia has been the industry leader in development and testing solutions for higher speed Ethernet (HSE) technologies, starting with its first demonstration in 2008. Ixia’s HSE products are now in their second generation and feature high-density and full layer 1-7 testing.

“Using CommScope’s innovative OM4 fiber cable with Ixia’s 100G test solution has once again validated this technology and proven that it is ready for deployment in today’s data centers,” said Dave Schneider, principal technologist, Ixia.

CommScope offers a complete portfolio of network infrastructure solutions that enable enterprise customers, regardless of size, industry or IT budget, to take advantage of business and technology opportunities. CommScope’s SYSTIMAX brand offers voice, data, video and converged connectivity solutions that support mission-critical, high-bandwidth and emerging applications to those that demand unrelenting reliability and quality for everyday needs. CommScope’s Wired For Wireless® solution provides new buildings and campuses with the wireless infrastructure necessary to eliminate weak or blocked signal areas from the outset and prepare them for better wireless coverage.


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