CommScope Enterprise Solutions, a division of CommScope, Inc. (NYSE:CTV), has introduced its SYSTIMAX® iPatch® System Manager Release 6.0 Infrastructure Operations Software. Designed for enterprises that have mission-critical network needs, the SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solution uses iPatch intelligent patching technology alongside this infrastructure operations software to help reduce network management costs, provide insight into the physical layer and give real-time results in order to automate change management and help prevent downtime.

With this latest release of the SYSTIMAX iPatch System Manager 6.0, CommScope extends the ability for iPatch hardware to “view” the physical layer, detecting connectivity changes in real-time. This infrastructure operations software combines that captured vision of the physical layer with knowledge gathered from sources such as LAN switches, SAN switches and IP endpoints – providing users with the ability to better control their network environment.

The benefits of the infrastructure operations software include: an increased ability by users to accurately manage change in their network; automated documentation updates and electronic work orders that guide technicians in the completion of moves, adds and changes; detailed location information for networked assets, which aids in capacity planning; improved security, with the ability to alert administrators of unplanned changes to critical circuits; and automation of the change management process, which fosters compliance, reduced downtime, and improves productivity.

“The SYSTIMAX iPatch System Manager is like using a GPS navigation system for your network,” said Mark Peterson, senior vice president, Global Marketing, CommScope Enterprise Solutions. “It helps eliminate the blind spots in your network, guiding you along the most efficient route to your destination. Whether that’s moving a single patch cord to add an office phone or determining the optimal connectivity changes required to deploy a dozen new servers in a data center, the iPatch System’s increased feedback provides users the control that ultimately helps them work smarter while saving them time, effort and money.”

Customers receive one year of Software Assurance with their purchase of SYSTIMAX iPatch System Manager. New licensing options are available – offering customers the choice between standard and enterprise editions. Multiple integration options are available, as well.

The SYSTIMAX iPatch System Manager includes a Web-based reporting system, multiple language translations, data center features with simplified server deployment, SAN switch support and VLAN discovery, and outside plant features that document the layout of the cable vault and the cable path through the vault.

“This is the most feature-rich release of iPatch System Manager we’ve ever produced, making the intelligent infrastructure a truly complete solution,” Peterson said. “In addition to a built-in year of Software Assurance, we offer customers access to our easy-to-use, dedicated InSite web portal which provides access to software upgrades and updates, utilities and an online knowledge base – everything our customers need – to have the control they want.”

CommScope Enterprise Solutions, a division of CommScope, Inc., offers a complete portfolio of network infrastructure solutions that enable enterprise customers, regardless of size, industry or IT budget, to take advantage of business and technology opportunities. The division’s SYSTIMAX® and Uniprise® product lines offer voice, data, video and converged solutions ranging from mission-critical, high-bandwidth and emerging applications to applications that demand unrelenting reliability and quality for everyday needs. Backed by CommScope Labs, the product lines are delivered through a global channel network of industry-leading BusinessPartners and distributors, ensuring a consistent and high-level of service and support worldwide.

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CommScope, Inc. (NYSE: CTV – is a world leader in infrastructure solutions for communication networks. Through its Andrew® brand it is a global leader in radio frequency subsystem solutions for wireless networks. Through its SYSTIMAX® and Uniprise® brands, CommScope is a world leader in network infrastructure solutions, delivering a complete end-to-end physical layer solution, including cables and connectivity, enclosures, intelligent software and network design services for business enterprise applications. It is also the premier manufacturer of coaxial cable for broadband cable television networks and one of the leading North American providers of environmentally secure cabinets for DSL and FTTN applications. Backed by strong research and development, CommScope combines technical expertise and proprietary technology with global manufacturing capability to provide customers with infrastructure solutions for evolving global communications networks in more than 130 countries around the world.

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