CommScope, Inc., a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has introduced a new ConQuest® conduit design capable of simplifying installation and management of multiple cables in a single duct.

The new ConQuest® Detectable SubDuct conduit, with its innovative design, targets underground cable networks having current and future cable capacity requirements. As a simple and cost-effective solution, it allows end-users to install a single-duct solution today that provides additional capacity for future cable installations. This forward planning eliminates the need to place additional dedicated conduit later as the network expands. Each separate pathway is capable of carrying individual cables while protecting against natural or construction-related damage.

“CommScope’s SubDuct conduit establishes a throughway for end-users to place multiple cables independently during a single installation,” said Douglas Wells, director, Broadband, Hybrid Fiber Coax, CommScope. “With the company’s proven track record for designing award-winning conduit solutions for our customers, we believe this design provides them additional options when installing today’s rapidly changing and expanding networks.”

ConQuest® Detectable SubDuct’s unique design allows it to be customized with various amounts of three-quarter inch chambers within a single jacket, providing easy installation and allowing the use of industry-standard couplers to match any end-user’s requirements. Made from high-density polyethylene, the Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR) 11-rated inner chambers provide ample protection for all cables and are ideally sized for the installation of standard all-dielectric fiber cables up to 144-count. The robust design of ConQuest® Detectable SubDucts permits the use of standard fiber-optic cables construction rather than micro cables.

Furthermore, the design can be supplied with an optional integrated 18-gauge copper clad steel tone wire, allowing for the easy locating of all-dielectric fiber-optic cables. The outer jacket can be easily removed providing access to the inner ducts, allowing for easy installation and bending in confined areas such as underground pedestals. The conduit meets or exceeds the standards in ASTM D 3350-05 for Type III, Class PE 334480E (colors with UV stabilizer) or Class C (black), high-density polyethylene.

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