Systems integrators have a new option for delivering efficient, consistent wireless services to subscribers in sports arenas and other large venues. CommScope’s Cell-Max™ MIMO antennas include multiple features that help operators use their spectrum efficiently when enabling wireless voice and data traffic.

“Our MIMO stadium antennas provide consistent coverage patterns with an ultra wide frequency range, allowing for spectrum efficiency and a reduced need for replacing antennas in future technology deployments,” said Matt Melester, senior vice president and general manager, Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions, CommScope. “New features such as the audible mounting bracket make these Cell-Max antennas easier to install and more reliable.”

With the massive increase in wireless data traffic thanks to the success of smartphones, wireless operators need to deploy dedicated equipment in areas where usage spikes. Sports arenas and other large venues where thousands of subscribers gather are such locations. Providing coverage and capacity efficiently requires doing more than just installing extra antennas. To provide services effectively, systems integrators break down the coverage area into wireless sectors that support all users but do not overlap. Poorly designed or poorly installed equipment can lead to wasted spectrum and capacity for the operators and/or diminished quality of service for customers. CommScope’s Cell-Max MIMO antennas offer narrow beamwidths that can be reliably shaped into sectors, decreasing the likelihood of either scenario.

“High capacity, spectrum efficient, and future ready are the terms that best describe these new stadium antennas,” said Melester.

CommScope’s new Cell-Max MIMO antenna is dual-polarized for high capacity across an ultra wideband range of 698–2700 MHz. It includes:

  • Innovative audible mounting bracket that provides an audible click for each 2.5 degree horizontal or 5 degree vertical adjustment, making proper installation and alignment easier.
  • Compliance to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s 60068-2-6 standard for vibration testing, a benchmark in quality assurance.
  • Excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance for minimizing network distortion.

Cell-Max is a trademark of CommScope, Inc.

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