CommScope, Inc. (NYSE: CTV), a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, is extending the reach of its SYSTIMAX® GigaSPEED® X10D FTP (Foiled Twisted Pair) Solution--globally.

The solution, released in October 2006, was only available in the Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) market. The GigaSPEED X10D FTP solution is developed for customers around the world with a strong preference for FTP solutions and is designed to support and exceed the IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T (10 Gb/s Ethernet over twisted pair cabling) standard ratified last summer.

“We are dedicated to responding to our customers,” said Mark Peterson, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Enterprise, CommScope. “Since there is a certain portion of the market that prefers an FTP solution, we intend to address that demand. The GigaSPEED X10D FTP solution offers customers advanced technology, as well as 10 Gb/s speeds for network performance and reliability, in a design that meets their needs.

The FTP solution has been specifically engineered with enhanced cable and connector performance designed to support the emerging 10 Gb/s Ethernet requirements. Optimized with a four-pair construction and aluminum foil tape, the solution is equipped with a patented high-technology pair isolator and an optimized twist and strand scheme that provides an extra margin of performance required for high-bandwidth applications.

In addition, the GigaSPEED X10D FTP cables are optimized with the GigaSPEED X10D connectors and cords to minimize internal channel crosstalk and crosstalk between channels in close proximity. The solution delivers next-generation support by providing double the bandwidth of today’s Category 6 cabling channel and guaranteed performance in worst-case installation conditions out to 500 MHz. The cables have a round cable construction with a flat taped isolator that speeds the handling and termination process. SYSTIMAX® Solutions’ premium design and testing capabilities combine to create a solution that exhibits far superior channel performance to legacy FTP solutions.

“Since we released the FTP 10G solution end of last year, the strong demand for the solution in that market is clearly evident,” Peterson added. “The introduction of this solution on a global scale will further serve to expand our leadership position in the 10 Gb/s Ethernet infrastructure market.”

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CommScope (NYSE:CTV) is a world leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. Through its SYSTIMAX® Solutions and Uniprise™ brands, CommScope is the global leader in structured cabling systems for business enterprise applications. It is also the world’s largest manufacturer of coaxial cable for Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) applications. Backed by strong research and development, CommScope combines technical expertise and proprietary technology with global manufacturing capability to provide customers with high-performance wired or wireless cabling solutions.

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