As the demand for bandwidth and expansion of business services increase, multiple system operators (MSOs) require a solution that allows them to evolve their networks to easily incorporate fiber deeper into the plant with little or no associated upgrade costs.

CommScope’sE2O™ (Electrical to Optical) is a solution that provides MSOs a bridge from HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coax) networks to a fiber rich network, allowing for rapid deployment of business service offerings. The E2O solution is an optimal combination of our coaxial/fiber product line that can merge our latest microducts and microcables, along with fiber and coaxial cable in one sheath versus multiple sheaths.

“MSOs want to expand services, including high-speed Internet and Video, to businesses today using coaxial cable as the final connection to the building,” said Doug Wells, vice president, Outside Plant Solutions, Broadband, CommScope. “It’s a given that those same businesses will require higher data rate services and more bandwidth in the future. Those needs will be met using optical fiber; however, the challenge for MSOs is assuring they are ready to build an optical fiber network in that area at the lowest possible incremental cost.”

By deploying the E2O solution, operators can quickly serve new business customers using their existing HFC networks. MSOs can install either a conduit for blown fiber and/or a fiber cable for later use when higher bandwidth services are required. Operators can also deploy fiber to a business park as a standard high-speed data offering and include coaxial cable under the same sheath in case commercial customers later request video delivery.

“Because of this single sheath, E2O can help mitigate current and future installation costs while ensuring future migration strategies including PON, RFoG and other FTTx technologies,” Wells added. “Whether an operator needs to reconfigure, maintain or replace their HFC residential services, deploying E2O helps ‘future proof’ their network for when fiber is eventually needed. If their strategy is to install coaxial cable integrated with fiber or conduit for future fiber blow-in, or both, operators can once again minimize expenses by installing all under one sheath at the same time.”

The E2O solution made its debut during a Center Stage presentation at last year’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo®. It was also featured in a case study where an MSO needed to upgrade a portion of their coaxial cable plant by installing both coaxial and fiber cables on existing poles. The MSO benefited by deploying E2O because the hybrid cable was easier to place and saved installation cost compared to their original plan, since the fiber and coaxial cable were combined under one jacket.

“The resulting solution allowed the MSO to meet the new National Electrical Safety Code requirements, thus improving their position with the utility that leased pole space,” Wells said.

E2O is a trademark of CommScope, Inc. Cable-Tec Expo is a registered trademark of the Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers.

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