CommScope, Inc., a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has introduced a new family of ultra-wideband base station antennas that addresses wireless operators’ performance and operational cost needs of today, while preparing for bandwidth growth and additional radio spectrum availability in the future.

The CommScope High-Bandwidth (HW) Family of Ultra-Wideband Base Station Antennas, available immediately, provide a future-proof antenna solution for the 1710-2690 MHz frequency range that is ideal for supporting additional licensed frequencies that are not currently available.

“CommScope’s new family of high performance, ultra-wideband antennas will be very beneficial for the forward-looking operator who may need to deploy additional radio frequency spectrum and support higher bandwidth demands in the future,” said Ray Butler, vice president, Product Line and Engineering, Base Station Antennas. “With the HW family, an operator can install the relevant model today that will not only cover its current frequency requirements but also provide exceptional performance in the future as new spectrum becomes available. In the past, the operator would have had to deploy two or three separate antennas in order to support the same amount of bandwidth.”

The CommScope HW ultra-wideband base station antennas are available in three different configurations of two, four or six dual-polarization radiating arrays under a single radome. The forward-looking design of the HW family provides a unique set of benefits, including:

  • Superior, repeatable electrical performance from every unit
  • Potentially higher spectral efficiency through 100 percent passive intermodulation (PIM) testing performed on all base station antennas, contributing to system-wide noise containment
  • Design features that yields twice the bandwidth of typical high-band antennas
  • Small physical footprint for deployment in areas with highly restrictive zoning
  • Consolidated design that can lead to fewer antennas and lower-cost deployments

Each antenna in the HW family can be deployed in a variety of 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G environments, including LTE, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, and WiMAX. Operators can upgrade or switch to different technologies or frequencies as their needs change.

The CommScope family of HW antennas is just part of a larger, comprehensive portfolio of base station antennas consisting of low band, high band, and multi-band solutions. Each is designed to help maximize a network’s current performance through better spectral efficiency, reduced PIM and lower capital and operational expenses.

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