"Low voltage technology and IP connectivity are game changers in the lighting industry and Redwood Systems' smart lighting solution leads the way in Europe,” said David Menga, Research Engineer, EDF Labs

Redwood Systems, the leading provider of building-performance lighting solutions, today announced that it has established operations in Europe, received European certification of its products and signed an agreement with marquee customer EDF, the second largest electric utility company in France. In addition, Redwood Systems announced that it has extended partnerships with technology companies Anixter, a leading global supplier of communications and security products, electrical and electronic wire and cable, fasteners and other small components and CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks.

"Low voltage technology and IP connectivity are game changers in the lighting industry and Redwood Systems' smart lighting solution leads the way in Europe,” said David Menga, Research Engineer, EDF Labs. EDF has implemented Redwood Systems’ technology in its innovation lab to determine the potential impact building-performance lighting solutions can have on its commercial customers. Following a successful trial, EDF will work to implement the technology across facilities in its service area.

In addition to this significant customer win, Redwood Systems has solidified its intent to further expand internationally by:

  • Opening its local headquarters in London headed by Brent Boekestein, VP Global Markets. Mr. Boekestein is responsible for extending Redwood Systems’ presence and growing market share by pursuing new customers. Initial efforts will be focused on the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, with plans to expand into other regions in the coming months.
  • Receiving the CE mark for meeting several European safety standards related to telecommunications and lighting. In addition to meeting stringent protocols from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), tests were also administered by a third party to certify Redwood meets European electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards.
  • Extending pre-existing agreements with low-voltage communications components providers Anixter and CommScope. The partnerships provide Redwood Systems with access to a well-established network of salespeople, technical resources and customers. Redwood’s innovative DC-powered lighting platform enables Anixter and CommScope to introduce energy-efficient and sustainable solutions within their traditional structured cabling product offerings. For instance, by integrating Redwood’s platform with CommScope’s Intelligent Building Infrastructure Solutions, building managers can deploy a comprehensive solution that operates many different aspects of a facility, including LEDs, which also assist in reducing energy costs from lighting.

Redwood Systems has seen rapid adoption of its building-performance lighting products in the United States. Using a patented approach that delivers efficient low-voltage DC power and control to LED light fixtures and a high-density sensory network, the system delivers an average of 75 percent energy savings and gathers rich data around power consumption, temperature and space utilization. The system is used in a range of applications including offices, data centers and educational institutions including Facebook, Volkswagen, and Google.

Redwood Systems is now bringing the power of its technology to Europe where energy efficiency is a top priority. As a result, organizations in the region can now partner with Redwood Systems to improve their assessment rating with the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), in addition to demonstrating their commitment to carbon reduction goals set by the U.K.’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

“Europe, and the U.K. in particular, have proven their commitment to improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions in large public and private sector organizations,” said Dave Leonard, CEO of Redwood Systems. “Given Redwood’s proven ability to make a marked impact in these areas we see our expansion into Europe as a way to help more businesses save money and meet government energy mandates.”


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Redwood Systems’ building-performance lighting solutions facilitate lower cost, higher-performing workplaces. Redwood has developed the world’s only smart building platform that powers and controls lights and a high-density sensor grid providing both best-in-class energy savings averaging 75% and granular monitoring of space utilization, temperature and power consumption. This award-winning approach uses patented networking technology and a low-voltage DC architecture for high reliability and scalability as well as low cost installation. With a growing roster of market-leading customers and partners, Redwood is building a reputation for customer success worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.redwoodsystems.com/. 

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