SYSTIMAX Solutions™, the worldwide leader in structured connectivity solutions, today announced that it has been selected to provide a state-of-the-art structured connectivity solution for the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project (KAEP), currently under construction in the Holy City of Mecca, through its Saudi-based certified BusinessPartner, Hasoub. When completed in 2007, the 1.4 million square foot development will house the world’s largest iPatch® Real Time Infrastructure Management System.

With such an extensive network being contemplated, it was recognized early on that success would be dependent upon the ability to manage such an extensive infrastructure. “The sheer size and scale of the planned network means that we face a real post installation management challenge,” explained Amr Taher, President of BT-Applied Technologies, the project’s technology consultant. “In anticipation of this, we decided from the outset that the project would require a comprehensive intelligent infrastructure management solution to ensure smooth day-to-day operation of the network.”

The critical nature of the network lead the development team to select the patching solution developed by SYSTIMAX Solutions called the SYSTIMAX iPatch Real Time Infrastructure Management System. The SYSTIMAX iPatch Real Time Infrastructure Management System offers interactive, real time control over both copper and fiber connections. The results are more responsive network administration and better security. The system also cuts running costs by automating routine management tasks and assisting technicians in the completion of work orders and service provisioning. As a result, productivity is increased and managers achieve more efficient use of resources and cost control.

“The iPatch System will enable the Castle management team to map out the entire 115,000-connection network in real time, allowing them to find the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack,’” said Dominic Morris, Regional Sales Director, SYSTIMAX Solutions. “We expect the Castle team to be able to ensure the maximum flow of information along its communication highway by instantly identifying and correcting any issues that block the smooth flow of data. The end result will be what we believe is the most technically advanced network in the Middle East, making this project the benchmark by which future regional development will be measured.”

Facing the Holy Mosque, the Castle Project will ultimately offer accommodation and a range of technically advanced services to over 75,000 people. The development incorporates a 13-story main building and seven towers, one of which is the world’s fourth largest building currently under construction (531m high). The towers will range from 40 to 100 floors and will be a mix of retail, residential and hotel developments.

Whilst the buildings’ dimensions are certainly impressive, it will be the utilization of technology that will really set the project apart. “All building management and communication services will be deployed on a single infrastructure,” continued Mr. Taher. “Traditionally ten or more separate systems would be used to deliver various services, but we plan to use just one. We are building what we believe is the biggest and most sophisticated converged network the Middle East has ever seen, which makes the structured cabling component of the development critical to the success of the project.”

With the structured cabling system playing such a key role, the project’s developers turned towards industry leaders SYSTIMAX Solutions and its Saudi-based certified BusinessPartner Hasoub. Summing up the challenge, Hasoub’s General Manager Sami Said Hassan said, “Our goal was to design and implement a single, IP-based cabling infrastructure to support the entire voice and data network requirements. We also plan to integrate a total building management functionality incorporating elements such as security access, environmental and HVAC as well as more traditional services such as telephony and Internet connections. We are working closely with SYSTIMAX Solutions to ensure that the infrastructure solution we install will deliver the right mix of technical performance, reliability and robustness. This will provide the foundation for what we expect to be the Middle East’s most sophisticated converged network designed to support the latest in smart building management systems and other IP-based applications.”

The end result will be a predominantly fiber optic-based network, with the main building and seven towers connected by a dual fiber optic loop through two Network Operating Centers (NOCs) located in the main building. From each NOC, dual fiber optic connections will run out to each of the project’s nine Building Distribution Rooms (BDRs). Two will be located in the building and one in each of the towers. The BDRs, in turn, are connected to the Floor Distribution Rooms (FDRs) located on each floor of the towers, which will comprise some 450 floors in all. From each FDR, a copper network that is based on the SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED® XL Category 6 copper UTP cabling solution will be designed to provide over 100,000 high-speed connections across the project.

“Work on the project has already begun,” said Ehab Kanary, Business Development Manager, SYSTIMAX Solutions. “When the Hasoub installation team completes the network infrastructure component in 2007, some 350 km of SYSTIMAX singlemode fiber optic cable, 25,000 reels of SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL UTP cabling in 18 different colours, 4,000 patch panels, 100,000 UTP outlets and 15,000 fiber terminations will have been used. This is a major undertaking,” Kanary concluded.

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