Following intensive research, SYSTIMAX Solutions™ from CommScope, the worldwide leader in structured connectivity solutions, has developed an entirely new approach for its product design process. Referred to as the “360-degree” approach, the new design philosophy aims to redefine enterprise infrastructure performance through a holistic integration of form, function and usability that SYSTIMAX expects will help its customers solve many unmet or latent needs.

“SYSTIMAX Solutions has dedicated itself to understanding the enterprise user experience by listening to our customers’ concerns and using this information to guide our strategy for product development,” says Mark Peterson, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Enterprise, CommScope. “With our new 360-degree design approach, we’re giving our customers even more than they’ve asked for by going far beyond an aesthetically pleasing exterior to create innovative specified infrastructure solutions that address customer needs.”

The 360-degree approach looks at performance from every angle – bandwidth, speed, product reliability, product usability among other things. It uses thoroughly researched methodologies based on the way customers work and live so that it will be possible to address those customers’ current and future needs.

Ultimately, the results of the 360-degree approach combine advanced SYSTIMAX Solutions technology with design and performance innovations that help maximize usable density, provide increased efficiency, boost ease of use and enhance overall performance.

The company is in the process of introducing a series of new products that have been developed using this 360-degree design philosophy. The first of these products will be announced later this month.

“We expect the 360-degree design philosophy to provide a totally new experience for customers in our industry,” Peterson said. “It’s a redefinition of true performance, which we believe our customers will find extremely beneficial.”

About SYSTIMAX Solutions

SYSTIMAX Solutions from CommScope (NYSE: CTV), is a worldwide leader in structured cabling systems and provides integrated end-to-end connectivity solutions for voice, data, video and building management applications in both wired and wireless enterprise networks.

SYSTIMAX Solutions supplies its high performance and market-leading range of products through a network of highly skilled BusinessPartners. The product range includes the copper-based GigaSPEED X10D and GigaSPEED XL Solutions, the fiber optic LazrSPEED and TeraSPEED Solutions and the intelligent patching iPatch® System. The SYSTIMAX AirSPEED™ Solution adds a wireless option to the portfolio. Drawing on their Bell Labs heritage, the people of SYSTIMAX Labs who have spearheaded these innovations will continue to play an integral role in the future success of SYSTIMAX Solutions. Currently the company’s BusinessPartners install an average of over 1,000 miles (1,600km) of SYSTIMAX cable every day in approximately 120 countries worldwide.

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