Taxis, buses and other fleet vehicles arent just transportation options any more. With Andrew Corporations new Invex3G Autonomous drive test product, they can be important extensions of a wireless network operators efforts to measure network performance and improve service levels.

Invex3G Autonomous is an extension of Andrews Invex3G®, an industry standard data collection platform used by leading operators and independent testing companies. Use of Invex3G Autonomous to capture critical network performance data can reduce an operators traditional drive testing and benchmarking costs, while freeing up valuable time of its skilled technicians and engineers. It has successfully completed trials with a major North American wireless operator and will debut as part of Andrews exhibit (booth #2249) March 27-29 at CTIA Wireless in Orlando. General customer availability is expected by April 30.

Invex3G Autonomous can be installed into third party fleet vehicles such as taxis, buses, trains, and delivery trucks without the need for skilled radio planners and technicians to attend to the equipment during testing or idle times. The equipment runs unattended and operates remotely, enabling drive test data and results to be sent across a remote radio link between the test equipment and a central operations center.

Invex3G Autonomous puts a vast fleet of third party vehicles to work on behalf of wireless users everywhere, said Martin Coates, vice president, Network Solutions-Europe. Drive testing is an important method used by wireless operators to determine real-time how networks are performing in areas such as signal coverage and call quality. This specialized activity requires skilled personnel to travel in a vehicle with the drive test equipment, but Invex3G Autonomous is a new option that frees technicians from accompanying the equipment while capturing all the important data that enables operators to upgrade the service it provides to customers.

The autonomous system is fully self-contained and fully remotely controlled, with an intelligent power management system to ensure it remains alert and accessible during any power condition, including long periods of vehicle inactivity. It supports multiple air cards and handsets, and includes a global positioning system receiver to provide constant location information.

Invex3G has a strong track record with numerous wireless operators, engineering companies, and government agencies, said Coates, and our new autonomous system creates a new, lower-cost option for them, backed with the considerable resources and experience of Andrew Corporation.

Invex3G enables wireless network operators to view their services from the subscribers perspective, providing critical quality-of-service measurements including mean opinion scores, data throughput, and call details. Invex3G provides the objective means for network operators to assess and improve service levels and utilization of key resources.

Invex3G supports all major mobile wireless technologies and simultaneously can scan multiple radio frequency carriers for multi-technology testing. Pairing drive test high-speed data-collection hardware with an easy to use, flexible PC graphical user interface and display, Invex3G provides a complete measurement solution for wireless network planning, maintenance, optimization and benchmarking. Invex3G is part of Andrew Network Solutions industry-leading software suite of mobile network design and optimization tools and services.

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