WIND Mobile announced today it has selected Andrew Solutions, the CommScope division that is a global leader in wireless communications systems and products, to provide its advanced network with enhanced wireless E911 services that will allow Canadian emergency services to more accurately locate a caller’s position.

“We are committed to creating the best wireless experience for Canadians which also includes ensuring their safety in times of emergency,” said Ken Campbell, CEO of WIND. “Enhanced 911 technology helps ensure that emergency responders are better able to locate the position of a caller. That way, even if the caller is unable to speak or unsure of where they are, they can rest assured that help will be on its way.”

There are many ways for wireless operators to locate callers during times of emergency. One leading location technology, GPS, relies on an embedded GPS chipset installed in the mobile phone, which delivers a location thanks to GPS satellites. The Andrew solution includes a combination of Assisted-GPS, or A-GPS, and hybrid technology that adds wireless network measurement information to the GPS location, thereby increasing the accuracy of determination of the caller’s location. Such network measurement information includes the time the call started, the power level of the mobile phone, and other routine information conveyed between the network base station and the phone. The result is an enhanced, more accurate caller location delivered to emergency personnel in times of crisis.

“The most rewarding part of Andrew’s GeoLENs™ location-enabling solution is knowing that we are helping people when they most need it,” said Andrew’s John Baker, general manager and vice president, Network Solutions. “Thanks to this deployment, WIND Mobile will be able to meet Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) locating requirements.”

Andrew’s recently launched GeoLENs, its next generation of solutions for enabling location-capable networks, includes new technologies and options that help communications carriers stay ahead of customer demand for location applications. This new generation of Andrew’s geolocation enabled solutions offers cost efficiencies, capacity and algorithm enhancements, and greater technology integration in helping carriers address commercial and regulatory applications (such as information, security and emergency 911 and 112) in an era of rapidly evolving networks, devices and customer usage requirements.

WIND Mobile will be one of the first carriers in Canada to rely on E911 technology. All carriers, in order to comply with CRTC regulations, will be required to offer enhanced E911 technology by February 2010.

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Globalive Wireless Management Corp. will provide voice, text and data services to Canadians under the brand name WIND on a next-generation wireless network and is committed to offering a level of wireless service presently not available in Canada. WIND is built on actual conversations that are happening with Canadians who are passionate about wireless and creating a better mobile offering nationally. For more information about WIND Mobile, please visit

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CommScope, Inc. (NYSE: CTV – is a world leader in infrastructure solutions for communication networks. Through its Andrew Solutions™ brand, it is a global leader in radio frequency subsystem solutions for wireless networks. Through its SYSTIMAX® and Uniprise® brands, CommScope is a world leader in network infrastructure solutions, delivering a complete end-to-end physical layer solution, including cables and connectivity, enclosures, intelligent software and network design services, for business enterprise applications. CommScope also is the premier manufacturer of coaxial cable for broadband cable television networks and one of the leading North American providers of environmentally secure cabinets for DSL and FTTN applications. Backed by strong research and development, CommScope combines technical expertise and proprietary technology with global manufacturing capability to provide customers with infrastructure solutions for evolving global communications networks in more than 130 countries around the world.

GeoLENs is a trademark of CommScope, Inc.

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