iTRACS Corporation, Inc., a global leader in physical infrastructure management, and ExoIS®, Inc., a global leader in providing IT compliance & security and systems management professional services, have announced a partnership agreement to address growing demand for greater command and control in the management of IT and facilities infrastructure.

iTRACS and ExoIS have signed agreements for ExoIS to provide Professional Implementation Services for customers of the iTRACS Converged Physical Infrastructure Management® (CPIM®) platform.

“This partnership enables customers to seamlessly integrate the management of the physical infrastructure – data center, IT and facilities systems – in a more comprehensive systems management framework,” said Elizabeth Given, president and CEO of iTRACS. “The inevitable convergence of physical infrastructure management with systems management is key to enabling organizations to optimize capacity and utilization while reducing energy consumption.”

Today’s ITIL processes are evolving to enable organizations to break down traditional IT barriers. iTRACS CPIM® is a manifestation of this evolution. “The iTRACS solution is challenging conventional thinking about the roles of systems and physical infrastructure management in facilitating business transformation,” said Jonathan Clark, CEO and Founder of ExoIS. “Our partnership with iTRACS will accelerate time-to-value for iTRACS CPIM customers seeking to manage assets more efficiently, reduce energy consumption, and improve capacity planning across all IT and building assets.”

Helping organizations reduce energy consumption and costs

The iTRACS/ExoIS partnership is poised to help organizations solve their #1 infrastructure challenge – managing and improving energy efficiency in the data center as well as other IT and facilities infrastructure.

“The priorities in IT infrastructure have changed,” said Mr. Clark. “The cost and consumption of energy is keeping executives awake at night. There is a new urgency to extend systems management to include intelligent awareness of the physical infrastructure so that energy efficiency can be measured, managed, and optimized. This requires eliminating the traditional silos that exist in IT management. Working with iTRACS is an exciting step in that direction.”

According to Gartner, the electricity consumed by data centers doubled between 2000-2006, reaching 61 billion kilowatt hours (1.5% of U.S. energy consumption), and will likely to have doubled again by 2011. As energy costs continue to rise – along with growing regulatory concern over energy consumption and carbon footprint – there is heightened demand for power management strategies that don’t just monitor power usage, but proactively reduce it.

“This requires an integrated approach that can calculate the total power efficiency across the entire infrastructure and then show managers how to optimize it,“ said Ms. Given. “Not just IT assets, or facilities assets, but all assets that draw electricity. Gaining accurate visibility into power efficiency and predictively managing the infrastructure to measurably reduce energy consumption requires a different perspective. Our relationship with ExoIS accomplishes this.”

About iTRACS

iTRACS is the global leader in Converged Physical Infrastructure Management™ (CPIM) solutions featuring an interactive 3D environment for managing the IT ecosystem. This 3D interactivity is unleashing new possibilities about the management of modern physical infrastructure. Today, iTRACS solutions can be found in industry-leading data centers and enterprises around the world, helping organizations reduce energy consumption and costs, minimize risk, and optimize the business value of the entire physical infrastructure investment.

About ExoIS

Founded more than 10 years ago in the heart of Silicon Valley, ExoIS provides professional services, a full range of cloud, data center, and compliance & security services, and also designs and hosts a number of SaaS solutions. ExoIS is also a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor Company (PCI-QSAC).

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