Helping connect your customers

You can count on CommScope

Your enterprise customers are counting on you for their data center hosting needs. We’ve been providing them with industry-leading connectivity solutions for more than 40 years. From preterminated fiber and copper solutions to intelligent infrastructure solutions that provide them with insight into their physical layer, we can provide them—and you—with the physical layer platform needed to enable your network and applications.

The CommScope MTDC Alliance program: stand above the crowd

The multi tenant data center (MTDC) market is both crowded and competitive—with more than 1,200 providers across more than 100 countries, offering a differentiated service can be challenging.

Joining our MTDC Alliance program can provide you that edge—with our best-in-class connectivity solutions and dedicated, global support team, we can help you rise above the crowd.

Our network of CommScope-authorized distributors, installers, integrators, consultants, alliances and specialists—known as the PartnerPRO® Network—provides global capabilities on a local level. PartnerPRO Network members can deliver the design and installation services you need to ensure your customers’ colocation experience exceeds their expectations quickly and seamlessly.

The PartnerPRO Network is designed to help our partners find new revenue opportunities in today’s competitive global marketplace. The network supports CommScope solutions for customers around the world. Our reputation as a trusted partner for many of the world’s most vital communication networks enables you to better help your customer navigate the challenges of network expansion and business growth.