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February 2019 | Product and solution news from CommScope




FD panel, multimode MPO-8 breakout panel

Region: Global
CommScope is adding a multimode version to its recently introduced FD panel. The FD fiber patch panel interfaces with MPO-8 ports including QSFP to easily break them out into LC connections. 1U panels have 10 MPO-8 connections and 2U panels have 20 MPO-8 connections.

This is a great panel to use for port replication or mirroring when connecting to a spine switch. The MPO and LC ports are both front facing and bundled for easy mapping and patching.

Product References: 760241534 (FD-8-1U-B), 760241533 (FD-8-2U-B),  760242266 (FD-8-1U-B-LS)

New fiber splicing panel: SD-4U-SPLICE

Region: Global
The CommScope SD-4U-SPLICE is a 4U splicing panel which allows up to 1728 fiber mass fusion splicing. It features a sliding tray and easy to access splice trays. The panel holds six, 288f mass fusion stackable splice trays which can be added as your data center needs grow. This panel is ideal for densities lower than the FEC. It can be used as an in-row or Entrance Facility splicing solution.

Product References: 760242725 (SD-4U-SPLICE)

OM5 SD splice cassettes and adapter packs

Region: Global
CommScope's OM5 SD splice cassettes and adapter packs are a new addition to the existing SD splice cassette and adapter packs line. The new splice cassettes are available in 12f LC and 24f LC configurations with and without pigtails. The new adapter packs are available in 12f and 24f LC configurations.

These additions are compatible with and complete the cassette and adapter pack offering for CommScope's SD line of fiber panels. CommScope now also offers SD splice cassettes and adapter packs for multimode OM4, OM5 and single mode applications.

Product References: OM5 SD Splice Cassettes, Adapter Pack with 12 Wideband OM5 duplex LC adapters, Adapter Pack with 6 Wideband OM5 duplex LC adapters

Polarity and gender changeable MPO pre-terminated cable assemblies

Region: Global
CommScope now offers polarity and gender changeable MPO pre-terminated cable assemblies as part of the ULL MPO product family. This new pre-term family is comprised of OM4/OM5 MPO-12 and MPO-08 patch cords and supports changing polarity and pins of MPO connectors in the field with a field tool and pin exchanger.

Product References: Ultra-low loss unpinned MPO patch cords, MTO PRO PIN exchanger, MTO PRO field tool

Ultra Low Loss LC Uniboot patch cords

Region: Global
The latest in fiber optic LC Uniboot connector design is equipped on CommScope's new ultra low loss (ULL) patch cords. This new offering is comprised of multimode OM4, OM5 wideband, as well as singlemode G.657.A2 fiber cabling types. Patch cords using Uniboot technology combine modularity and flexibility with connectivity ease of insertion and removal. The Uniboot connectors feature an adjustable polarity via a manual and independent rotation of each individual connector body without exposing the fibers, as well as, a push-pull mechanism.

Product References: ULL OM4 LC-LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cords, LSZH/Riser, ULL OM4 LC-LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cords, Duplex, Plenum, ULL OM5 LC-LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cords, Duplex, LSZH/Riser, ULL OM5 LC-LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cords, Duplex, Plenum, ULL TeraSpeed LC-LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cords, Duplex, LSZR/Riser, ULL TeraSpeed LC-LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cords, Duplex, Plenum

Additional References: LC Uniboot connector demonstration




APAC fiber splicing panels and adapter packs

Region: APAC
CommScope's new APAC fiber splicing panel, splicing tray kits, and 1000-type adapter packs are designed to enable faster deployments with shorter lead times. The new OM5 and 12-port MPO adaptor plates complete this portfolio of splicing panels.

This announcement is for APAC region, including of China, Asia, ANZ, and India.

Product References: APAC 1U 1000-type panel, APAC 1000-style adapter packs, Agile splicing tray kit

Singlemode Grade B 600um buffer fiber patch cords and pigtails

Region: Global
The new singlemode Grade B 600um buffer fiber optic cable assemblies from CommScope are designed for high density application in telecommunications, CATV, data communications and wide area network applications.

Product References: AFG series patch cords, ACG series fiber pigtails



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