Validate Your Product

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CommScope uses the security label, as detailed below, on certain CommScope cabling products sold in various countries throughout the APAC region. If your CommScope product has this security label, please follow the steps below.


Step One>> Click on a link below to install the APP on your smart phone.
Security Label Verification

To verify the QR code on the security label, please download the app:




Step Two>> Check the new security label on the product and confirm the security features on the label.
Security Features

Security label

1. Microtext: Small text viewable under low-powered microscope.
2. White etch: Effect where the light source is diffused and a White Color is observed.
3. Guilloche: Fine textured lines similar to those used in banknotes as high security feature.
4. Hologram laser effect: Effect which shows movement visible at various angles.

5. Lens effect: Effect which stimulates a colour kaleidoscope.
6. Pseudo-metallic effect: Effect which stimulates metallic lines not possible with printing.
7. Random numbers: Random numbers where 1 character is a different colour (for mobile verification).
8. QR code: For scanning using mobile app.
9. OVI scratch-off panel: Colour changing panel (from metalic green to marroon) for easy authentication. Beneath the scratch-off panel, there are hidden codes to be used for mobile verification.


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