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Method A fiber polarity pre-terminated cable assemblies

Region: Global
CommScope introduces NETCONNECT Method A polarity trunks and arrays. The new Method A polarity trunks and arrays enable support of existing polarity A installations. This new preterm family is available in multiple configurations including plenum and dual rated LSZH/riser cable jacketing. B2ca and Dca CPR rated LSZH options are available in Europe. Fiber choices include multi-mode OM4 and single-mode using G.657.A2 glass. The MPO connector options are 12/24f for OM4 and 12f for single-mode. Trunk cables can be configured with 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96 and 144 fibers.

Product References: Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) Multimode OM4 MPO to MPO, Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies, Plenum, Method A
Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) Multimode OM4 MPO to MPO, Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies, LSZH, Method A
Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) Singlemode MPO to MPO, Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies, Plenum, Method A
Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) Multimode OM4 MPO24 to MPO24, Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies, Plenum, Method A
Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) Singlemode MPO to MPO, Array Cord Assemblies, Plenum, Method A

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A.I.M.O.S. 3.3 provides tools for network monitoring and public safety

Region: Global
With A.I.M.O.S. version 3.3 it is now possible to track user-initiated configuration changes of Era, ION-E, other DAS and repeater equipment. An updated GUI allows users to import and display image files such as floorplans and coverage simulations, organized into multiple layers to visualize the position and status of the equipment for enhanced support of network monitoring and public safety applications. The version is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Product References: 7768707-03 - A.I.M.O.S. Basic Software V3.3

Hybrid FDD/TDD Antenna

Region: Global
Leveraging CommScope’s multiband technology, this hybrid FDD/TDD antenna is the first in family that supports existing 4G/3G services at 700, 800, 1400, 1800, 2100, and 2600 MHz plus 5G at 3400-3800 MHz. This hybrid integrated solution enables maximizing efficiency with 4T4R on existing bands, while adding 8T8R beamforming capability on 3.5 GHz bands within the same standard antenna size — addressing tower loading challenges operators face with sites that are already full.

Also suitable for antenna sharing applications, this antenna’s internal RET system supports using two separate RET compatible OEM radios and enables flexibility to reconfigure certain bands per radio.

Product References: RRZZS4-65D-R5

Multiband Combiners for BRS and 600 MHz Bands

Region: NAR
CommScope adds great value to its already extensive combining solutions. The newest Multiband Combiner designs extend the frequency ranges, while keeping a smaller profile. The extended bands in these multiband combiners ease network integration of BRS or 600 MHz bands, plus minimize deployment efforts and costs.

Product References: CDX68 Series Diplexers
CDX1923Q Series Diplexers
CTX192126 Series Triplexers

Narrowbeam Small Cell Antennas

Region: Global
The new 65-degree small cell antennas feature a very small package. These antennas support hand-off traffic from the macro cell layer to the small cell layer. In contrast to quasi-omni small cell antennas, these antennas have a narrow beam to channel its capacity to only one side or sector — a perfect solution for urban areas with very high traffic. These antennas come in two shapes — a canister for installation on a pole and a panel shape for installation on a building, with both designs supporting 1695-2690 MHz bands, plus CBRS (3400-3800 MHz) and LAA (5150-5925 MHz).

Product References: VVSSP-65S-R1B

PAM Universal Pipe-to-Angle Mount Kit

Region: NAR
CommScope announces the release of PAM, a new Universal Pipe-to-Angle Mount Kit designed for mounting equipment support pipes directly to angled sector frame or tower members. These kits are compatible with angle-style sector frames, such as the CommScope SF-QV Series and SF-SU Series or can mount directly to 90-degree angled tower members. PAM attaches pipes 2” to 3 1/2” OD (sold separately) to 90° angles from 2 to 4 inches. Mounting hardware is included for 2 3/8” pipes and u-bolts for other pipe sizes can be ordered separately.

Please contact your CommScope representative or for more information.

Product References: PAM

Additional References: Structural Support Solutions

Small Cell 4G/5G Pole Mounting Solutions

Region: NAR
CommScope's new Small Cell 4G/5G Side Mount is designed to mount an antenna and up to three radios via thru-mounting or banding to the side of poles up to 13” OD. It is available in single-sector and three-sector options, both with a single attachment point allowing free climbing access to the rear side of the pole. The mount stand-offs also include cable hanger mounting holes to assist with routing and jumper cable management.

Product References: SCSM-5G - Small Cell 4G-5G Side Pole Mount - One Sector (1 antenna / 1 radio)
SCSM-5GT - Small Cell 4G-5G Side Pole Mount - Three Sector (1 antenna / 3 radios)

Additional References: Structural Support Solutions

Ultra-Compact Multiband Combiners for PCS/AWS

Region: NAR
Two new ultra-compact multiband combiners offer a 23 and 30% smaller size than previous designs, while also passing DC/AISG on the high band port. These combiners (diplexers) are well-suited for small cell applications where there is limited space in street poles. Additionally, the ultra-compact size reduces tower loading and potential leasing costs. Available in Twin (SDX1926T-43) and Quad-pack (SDX1926Q-43) versions.

Product References: SDX1926T-43 - Twin Ultra-Compact Diplexer PCS/AWS
SDX1926Q-43 - Quad-pack Ultra-Compact Diplexer PCS/AWS

Additional References: Ultra-Compact Multiband Combiners Flyer



New High-Density FACT ODF Cross-Connect Frame

Region: Global
Starting in May, CommScope creates an all-inclusive, modular, FACT full front access Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) solution with the release of the highly innovative high-density FACT ODF cross-connect frame.

This FACT frame has a best-in-class high usable density and is optimized to work with the in-demand ODF FACT chassis. The 2.2m high frame has a capacity of 56 FACT elements (2644 single LC connections) and combines scalability, superior rigidity and robustness with easy installation. The frame offers intuitive cable routing paths, allowing for quick moves, adds and changes on a smaller footprint (1050mm x 300mm).

Product References: 760243094 - Cross connect frame, patching on the left
760243095 - Cross connect frame, patching on the right
760243097 - Patch cord over-length management bay

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