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March 2019 | Product and solution news from CommScope



New Qwik II Connector Termination Tool Kits

Region: Global
CommScope new and improved tool kits are now available for the termination of the Qwik II fiber optic connectors. Equipped with all tools and accessories required for termination, the tool kits provide installers with convenience, flexibility, and assurance for fast, consistent and optimal Qwik II connector termination.

Added to the Qwik II product family, the premium tool kit includes a premium high precision cleaver, a visual fault locator (VFL), high quality cable stripper, Kevlar cutter, cable clamps for termination of 0.9, 2.0 and 3.0 mm cordage, as well as other accessories and cleaning supplies. The basic kit features a precision cleaver, cable stripper, Kevlar cutter, cable clamps, and cleaning supplies. Both kits can be used for terminating LC, SC and ST single fiber connectors.

Product References: 760242378 - QK-TERM-TOOL-KIT-PR-QWIK II

Additional References: Additional information for Qwik II connector products



Field fit connector kits for LSF2 low-loss small cell cables

Region: Global
HELIAX® LSF2 assemblies are designed to meet the existing and imminent demands of small cells and upcoming 5G networks. The LSF2 cable offers the performance of standard ½” coaxial jumpers in a smaller, more flexible cable that maximizes cable routing and connector density – perfect for small cell applications. Now, LSF2 offers not only superior electrical performance but also installation flexibility. The new LSF2-X kit is ideal for projects where precise length and minimum sku’s are required. They have a factory attached and tested connector on one end for fast installation, while the other end is open for cutting the jumper to a precise length with a D-class field fit connector for installation flexibility.

Please contact your CommScope representative for exact lengths.

Product References: LS2-HMHM-X

Additional References: Metro Cell Solutions

8-Port beamforming antenna for LTE and 5G

Region: Global
The new 3.5 GHz-capable CommScope antenna, S4-90M-R1, mates to 8-port radios to support 8T8R and beamforming in LTE bands 42 and 43 and 5G band 78. This antenna includes a calibration port for beamforming capability and an internal RET for adjusting electrical downtilt.

Product References: S4-90M-R1

12-Port ultra-wideband LTE antenna

Region: EMEA, APAC and CALA
CommScope adds a new member to the 4x MIMO-capable antenna family, RRZZVV-65B-R6. This 12-port ultra-wideband antenna enables 4x MIMO configurations on both the low and high bands with capability of having two 4x MIMO configurations on the high band (4x MIMO for the full range of 1427-2690 MHz, plus 4x MIMO for 1695-2690 MHz bands). The same antenna supports services for 700, 800 & 900 MHz bands along with 1400, 1800, 2100, 2300 & 2600 MHz bands. The RET is re-configurable, enabling antenna sharing capability.

Product References: RRZZVV-65B-R6

12-Port high gain LTE antenna

Region: EMEA, APAC and CALA
A new CommScope antenna, RRZZVV-65B-R6H4, supports 4x MIMO on both low and high bands and is configured to deliver high gain performance in the high bands. This 12-Port ultra-wideband antenna enables deployments for services in 700, 800 & 900 MHz plus 1400, 1800, 2100, 2300 & 2600 MHz from the same antenna. The low band has 4 ports and the high band has 8 ports (4x for the full range of 1427-2690 MHz and 4x for 1695-2690 MHz bands). The side-by-side configuration maximizes gain in the high bands. The RET is re-configurable, enabling antenna sharing capability.

Product References: RRZZVV-65B-R6H4

16-Port 8T8R TDD / 5G beamforming capable antenna

Region: EMEA, APAC and CALA
CommScope has a new 3.5 GHz-capable antenna, T4S4-90A-R2, specially designed with 16 ports to support 8x MIMO deployments for TDD and 5G services. Wireless operators can implement 8T8R configurations in both 2300-2690 MHz and 3300-3800 MHz bands with this ultra-wideband 90° antenna. The antenna features two separate, independent 4-column planar arrays arranged in a “side-by-side” configuration which minimizes antenna length. Calibration ports are provided for each array to support beamforming functionality. Two internal RET actuators are incorporated, enabling independent electrical downtilt of each array (1 RET per array).

Product References: T4S4-90A-R2



Introducing a new Flexible Service Terminal for FTTH networks

Region: EMEA
With fiber extending deeper into the network, there is an increased demand for fiber terminals that have the flexibility required to fit into tight spaces and are concealed from sight. Leveraging CommScope’s proven experience with hardened connectivity and specifically with flexible service terminals (FST), the newest portfolio addition, the FST-R series, is a versatile solution designed for both flexibility and ease of deployment.

Product References: FST-R Series

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