Bringing Advanced, Wireless Multi-Room Services to Russian Subscribers

Arris Team February 26, 2013

Delivering multiscreen services involves two distinct service provider challenges: 1.) handling the immense bandwidth and data processing loads, and 2.) offering a smart and simple connected experience to consumers. 

Motorola’s GT-3 Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) Transcoder, announced last month in Russia, enables local service providers to address the first step of multiscreen delivery, but they still face the challenge of delivering a seamless user experience. 

Those of us that have multi-room services in our homes will be familiar with negotiating reams of wires running throughout the house and getting tangled behind the TV. For subscribers to two of Russia’s biggest providers, tangled wiring is now a thing of the past—thanks to Motorola’s VAP2400

Rostelecom and Vimpelcom have introduced a brand new way for subscribers to enjoy full-HD multi-room services wirelessly—dramatically reducing the amount of unsightly cables running between rooms. Both service providers have both chosen Motorola’s VAP2400 wireless bridge to provide an easy-to-install wireless service that allows sparkling video viewing almost anywhere in the house. 

And the real beauty of it? No need for an engineer to visit—easy! 

Check out this video for more on the VAP2400 wireless bridge.

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