CommScope Solutions at Attention During Upcoming AFCEA West Show

There’s no denying we live in a digital world. Everyone needs information quickly, and that includes governments and the military.

There’s no denying we live in a digital world. Everyone needs information quickly, and that includes governments and the military. Both entities must send and receive information instantaneously, especially the military where lives and victory are at stake.

CommScope can deliver mission critical data over our innovative end-to-end IT architecture and through business enterprise information technology centers enabling the military to have a strategic advantage with information dominance.

Our SYSTIMAX® family of solutions, combined with best-in-class system integration companies and our PartnerPRO™ Network, create a performance margin of safety for critical data centers, LAN and large naval installations.

The upcoming AFCEA West inSan Diego,CA (Jan. 29-31) is the largest event on the west coast for communications, electronics, intelligence, information systems, imaging, military weapon systems, aviation and shipbuilding. We will be exhibiting our solutions at the show and talking about our government/military experience.

When it comes to information technologies, the U.S. Navy Data Center Task Force follows several objectives so their technology is efficient. Those objectives include having:

  • enhanced IT security

  • increased reliability

  • improved IT efficiency

  • rapid integration and transition

  • create and implementing a disaster-recovery infrastructure

  • utilize “green” technologies

During the show, CommScope will showcase solutions that provide the military with the ability to evolve their data centers, increase their network intelligence and improve their broadband reach. Those solutions include:

  • imVision® Infrastructure Management solution: allows IT staff to view real-time, end-to-end circuit information during moves, adds and changes using a unique visual “trace while you patch” feature. Technicians and IT managers have the ability to improve speed and accuracy of connectivity changes to various end devices such as computers and servers, wireless access points, IP phones, IP cameras, network printers, managed switches and PDUs globally from one location.

  • EPON solution: provides governments and military the ability to deliver advanced voice, video and data services to their users via CommScope’s fiber optic cabling solution. It includes both active equipment and end-to-end cabling infrastructure to maximize performance. The three major Department of Defense networks (Non-classified Internet Protocal Network [NIPRNET], Secure Internet Protocol Network [SIPRNET] and Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System [JWICS]) require various levels of security. CommScope’s EPON solution provides a critical element in an effective Protected Distribution System (PDS) system (PDS Hardened Pathway or PDS Alarmed Carrier integrated with CommScope interlocking armor secure fiber).

  • DAS solutions: provides critical wireless RF communications for base tactical, hand-held radios frequency bands. It consolidates bands with first responder frequencies using an in-building distributed architecture to handle even the most demanding situations. Cellular frequencies such as 3G, 4G and LTE are also supported with appropriate modules.

If you are attending the show at the San DiegoConvention Center, I encourage you to stop by our booth (712) and see how CommScope technological innovations can help achieve your immediate objectives using an engineered solution that facilitates easy upgrades in support of more bandwidth hungry applications.