Forbes - Why Isn't TV Everywhere?

Arris Team January 4, 2013

By Bob Scheffler, Vice President of Strategic Technology at Google’s Motorola Mobility unit 

It’s 2013. CES – the world’s largest consumer electronics show – is a few days away. We expect the show to feature amazing, life-changing technology. But what if I told you that TV isn’t everywhere – that one of our most basic pastimes still hasn’t made its way to mobile devices? 

Why TV is stuck on our TVs? 

Let’s take a look at the numbers. We’ve had modern tablets and 4G for two years, touchscreen smartphones for over a decade, and laptops and broad WiFi coverage for even longer. 

We have the devices and we have the pipes. What’s the holdup? There are three key hurdles that stand between us and mobile access to video: 

  • Content Rights
  • Bandwidth
  • Consumer Experience
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