The Future of TV

Arris Team June 11, 2013

The Future of TV is complicated.

The reason, however, is simple: we’re consuming more content on more devices.

For consumers, that often can mean a frustrating experience trying to navigate and access it all on one screen or another. But for service providers, the issue is much deeper…

Multiscreen and new IP-based services need the bandwidth and hardware to power these experiences, but they also need systems and software to integrate and unify them across the entire device ecosystem—all so that we can enjoy the “any” experiences that we want.

Our research shows that 55% of Americans are now multiscreen consumers. For this growing population, the home ecosystem consists of a variety of different screens, connected devices, and content.

That’s a lot of different people using a lot of different screens in a lot of different places. How can we solve this broad challenge of complexity and usability?

We're seeing an influx of new devices that are trying to answer this question, from Microsoft's new Xbox to a rumored AppleTV reboot at WWDC. These devices have expanded beyond their original scope of features to address our broad range of activities. But as connected and fully-featured as they are, these devices are still just devices, and don’t have the systems of content, networks, software, and more that’re required to deliver communications and entertainment across multiple screens.

That’s that domain of service providers, and that’s where ARRIS comes in…

We see The Future of TV as having two distinct challenges: simplifying complexity and mastering the complete multiscreen ecosystem—from devices, to content rights, bandwidth, video delivery, and more.

By bringing together the innovation, talent, and product lines of both ARRIS and Motorola Home, we’re in a unique position to help service providers to solve the problems of complexity and end-to-end delivery.

Our combined solutions are making multiscreen simple for consumers and transforming the way that service providers, programmers, and vendors are addressing its many demands through innovation in the cloud, network, and home.

See how we’re demonstrating these capabilities @The Cable Show, Booth #2433

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